Monday, November 29, 2010

1,000 Gifts #151-200 Happy Birthday {to ME!}

I think 33 sounds like a wonderful age to be!

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am feeling extraordinarily grateful for the year behind me and VERY excited about what my 33rd year holds!

I am, as I always do, throwing myself a birthday party tonight to include lighting wood in my NEW fire pit, enjoying Chinese take-out food, eating pies (yes, plural) from Village Inn (I don't like Thanksgiving pie, so I waited!), playing Yahtzee and just hanging out with a few of my loved ones.

As much as I love celebrating my birthday, I'm super-excited about getting on with the rest of the year!

I've decided that my theme word for 2011 (11 is my favorite number!) is JOY and I asked my guests to bring items for me that will bring me JOY. Tonight begins Advent, too, so I'll be kicking that off at my party with the first installment from the "Jesse Tree Advent Devotional" from Holy Experience

I love this time of year!

November is THE CRAZIEST MONTH of the year for us. Of the 21 people that came to my son's 5th birthday party on Saturday, NINE of us have November birthdays. That's almost half! Wow-za. So, while I've kept up my pen-and-paper list, here's the latest for my cyber version:

151:: my vision for Thanksgiving coming to life {my mother-in-law and her sister just relaxing and being together}

152:: ladies' brunch for nine going perfectly

153:: pink gerber daisies from Drew, just "because"

154:: footie pajamas on my 18-month-old

155:: Grandma time for the boys

156:: crafting with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in the treehouse room

157:: using Andrew's blue watercolor artwork to make bookmarks

158:: a new pink jacket

159:: staying in one booth at the antique store for half an hour

160:: a doily embroidered with a "D"

161:: milk glasses

162:: cousins having a blast

163:: a messy house

164:: The Dumas siblings, spouses and children all under one roof

165:: celebrating nine years ago, when Drew and I met at Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Charlie's the day before Thanksgiving

166:: goody bags for the ladies, paid for with my writing job

167:: getting all the shopping done beforehand

168:: 62 degrees in the house and wearing my pink fuzzy robe

169:: not throwing up like I did a year ago

170:: praying over my 5-year-old son, thanking God for 5 perfect years and expecting amazing blessing in the next 5

171:: coffee, coffee and more coffee {thank God for our Kuerig!}

172:: marrying into a family with three sisters, and adding another one this year

173:: being appreciated for working hard at making people feel special

174:: accepting that God created me to enjoy making people feel special

175:: thanking God for giving me the resources it took to pull this week off

176:: being a list maker who can get it all done

177:: feeling perfectly well, despite every reason to feel stressed

178:: football, Taco Bell and a nap on Sunday

179:: Andrew's birthday gifts being a big hit

180:: Drew and his brother orchestrating the party treasure hunt

181:: Lego creations

182:: group hugs with Ethan

183:: deep, peaceful sleep

184:: a warm, cozy home

185:: new make-up and feeling pretty

186:: Andrew's arm just being a sprain

187:: two rainbows in one day

188:: NOT spending our refund money on getting Andrew's arm casted

189:: a Gators birthday party

190:: a successful family photo shoot in beautiful weather

191:: three lovely handmade scarves from Mrs. Braddock

192:: the boys bouncing and bouncing

193:: A&W rootbeer floats and Long John Silver fish

194:: surrender

195:: trust

196:: serving a faithful God

197:: not living by a spiritual check-list

198:: freedom from over-analyzing

199:: freedom from fear

200:: free to live in JOY

For more entries, visit Holy Experience


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TLC Creations grand opening & giveaway new Etsy shop!

I partnered up with my dear friend, Chrissy. She does EVERYthing...I just do the Etsy part!

This is us at the baby shower she threw for me in April of '09. She's on the left, obviously.

This was about two weeks before she underwent surgery to have a brain tumor removed {no kidding}.

Her story is amazing but we'll save that for another time! :)

Suffice it to say, she is an amazing woman and a person I aspire to be more like. I'm glad she's here and healthy and I am thrilled to be working with her again!!

TLC Creations stands for Tuesday & Logan Calderwood, her two kids. I love those kids!!

She has this amazing vinyl machine called "Roland."

She creates just about anything you can think of and prints it on the vinyl to use as a decal, sticker or label or to apply to clothing with her heat press.

Here she is, working at the "studio."

We used the "Grimes" above for this newborn hat for my nephew-to-be. Precious!

These name labels can be used for a million things. The vinyl sticks beautifully to paper, of course, but is also great to use on your laptop, ipod or cell phone case.

They're great for a baby shower gift, too, for moms to use to label their baby's bottles, wipes case and other belongings.

Kids love to use them to personalize their school supplies and water bottles.

These can be done in ANY team colors and with a soccer ball, baseball, football, etc.!

The possibilities for shirts are endless. This is Andrew's birthday shirt (my son, who turns 5 on Nov. 26). He's Andrew IV so I couldn't resist adding the 4!

The listing has all the details for the choices you have.

custom number shirt

We can do ANY number or letter. Tons of fonts are available, and tons of colors.

I happen to love these black onesies, for a boy or girl, with an initial inside a circle. So dadgum cute. Colors are totally customizable.

White is available, too. These are a HUGE hit at baby showers!

There's even a blue camo onesie available. My sister-in-law liked the one we made for my nephew-to-be!


How cute are these address labels??? Cactus or snowman.

And I LOVE these customized "To & From" labels for your Christmas gifts! Can be applied to presents or goody bags, or even right to a bottle of wine, bubble bath, you name it! Just write in the recipient's name!



Christmas tree.

These modern and stylish address labels are great for Christmas or year-round use. I love the design! We can add your kids' names, too. These make a great gift!!


Our shop is brand new to we'd love it if you visited TLC Creations on Etsy, glanced through our listings, then left a comment about what catches your eye.

We're also open to suggestions on new offerings or ways we can improve the shop or our designs. We'd love your feedback!

As a thank-you, we will give away a $10 credit toward any purchase in the shop, plus FREE SHIPPING on your entire order! Drawing will be held at midnight on Wednesday, December 1.

Each person who leaves a comment will be eligible. Please leave your e-mail address so we can contact you if you win!

Thanks for checking us out and we hope we have the opportunity to make something wonderful for you!