Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #17

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Living To Tell The Story

1. One ridiculously happy, content, ADORABLE baby....

...and a big brother who obviously adores him.

2. One-on-one time with Big Brother, who is evidently tired of seeing the camera out all the time. See the animals I made??? I'm pretty proud.

I do treasure time with Andrew these days and have to remind myself that he still needs some snuggle and play time with Mom, despite how independent he is! I need it, too...he is my baby, after all.

3. My friend who came over to watch Big Brother while I went out to have blood work done, then showed me how she makes blondies. YUM! She even washed some dishes for me!! So sweet.

4. An order for 17 robot-themed birthday cards for a friend got me back into "crafty mode." It was fun to get back into the card-making groove!

5. Day after day of fun play-dates...BECAUSE A FRIEND FROM CHURCH LOANED US THEIR VAN FOR THREE WEEKS! When I prayed last week for a van, I should've been more specific! :) We desperately need another vehicle but it's funny how God provides in the meantime!! Andrew loooves riding around town in the van and going new places with his baby brother.

We are so blessed! Hope you all had a terrific week as well!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest & Greatest

Father's Day celebration at a local park. I know the boys had more fun than the dads did but we all had a great time. Here's my brother and his family, plus the three of us on the train.

Me and the boys on Father's Day. Yeah, I know it was Father's Day but I'm not dressed with someone else holding a camera very often!!

Having a friend over to show me how to make "blondies." I learned a few good tricks and they're delicious with pecans!

Making cool Lego creations with Big Brother. He calls this "exercise" and I have no idea why. Although for me, the brain power to do this IS a work out!!

Filling an order for 17 robot-themed birthday party invitations for an old friend. It was nice to "get my crafty on" after a long hiatus.

And basically enjoying every moment of THIS. Can you believe Little Man is 6 weeks old???

It's hard to want to do anything else all day other than try to get THIS response.

Yep, I'm in love!!