Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Latest & Greatest

Father's Day celebration at a local park. I know the boys had more fun than the dads did but we all had a great time. Here's my brother and his family, plus the three of us on the train.

Me and the boys on Father's Day. Yeah, I know it was Father's Day but I'm not dressed with someone else holding a camera very often!!

Having a friend over to show me how to make "blondies." I learned a few good tricks and they're delicious with pecans!

Making cool Lego creations with Big Brother. He calls this "exercise" and I have no idea why. Although for me, the brain power to do this IS a work out!!

Filling an order for 17 robot-themed birthday party invitations for an old friend. It was nice to "get my crafty on" after a long hiatus.

And basically enjoying every moment of THIS. Can you believe Little Man is 6 weeks old???

It's hard to want to do anything else all day other than try to get THIS response.

Yep, I'm in love!!

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