Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reclaiming my guest room/craft room

I can hardly believe that it has been six years since my husband's sister moved in with us.

Now, she is not a random in-law. She and I were RAs in college and she was best friends with my roommate. She was the one, in fact, that introduced me to my husband, saying, "You two might hit it off." We were engaged three months to the day that we met. So, yeah, we like her.

My hubby and I lived in an apartment for our first year of marriage then lived with my folks for about a month while our home was finishing being built. We only lived in our new house for about two months before she moved in and she's been here ever since. She occupies the bedroom at the end of the hall near the garage and her stuff takes up space all over the house, even on the back porch. Her absence will leave a void in our hearts as well as in our home.

BUT...it's time. She's ready to leave and we're ready to send her away from the nest!

AND...I get my guest room back. YES!!!! My plan is to convert it into a guest room/craft room. My mother is very excited about having a dedicated guest room after sleeping in the living room on a futon for so long!

Even though she probably won't close on her house (which is only about 1/4 mile from our house) until the end of the month, you bet I'm already making plans for that room!

Have you ever had a dream where you find a room you didn't know about, like a second kitchen or another bedroom in your house?? It's going to be a lot like that.

My first project will be re-painting the room. When I saw this bird, I knew I wanted the colors to inspire my new room.

But before I could take my bird to Lowe's to choose paint chips, I had to deal with that my SIL had already done to the room. She is a creative gal and has painted the entire room with lamp posts, vines, trees...even a castle!

It reaches onto the ceiling and although it looks really cool, it's not what I had in mind for my new craft room/guest room, so the whole room will have to be painted over.

So, I started with an inspiration piece: this piece of artwork from

Joom on Etsy

I love these colors! Plus the two birds in the nest represent my two boys! :)

I have this favorite mug as well and realized that the colors will blend well with it, too.

And that, my friends, is my color scheme. Aqua, green and orange.

It just so happens that the aqua color (the middle one) is called "Serendipity," one of my all-time favorite words that means "Finding valuable things not sought for." I love that!!! I've often said that if I opened a shop or a bed and breakfast some day, I'd work "Serendipity" into the name. It was meant to be!

I'm thinking of the top color for the ceiling. Aaaaahhhhhh.

As for furnishings, I'm moving my craft table out of my Morning Room and into this room. It will fit well on the same wall as the door. I'd love to paint it green and cover the chairs in a fun, coordinatng fabric!

Above it, I picture simple shelves on brackets like these, to hold my crafting supplies.

Opposite to that, I envisioned this day bed from IKEA but it's not in their new catalog!!

So I'll have to come up with a plan B. We really only need a twin size bed in here since we rarely have couples stay with us. I pictured it dressed in white with a ton of fun pillows in my accent colors, including this one, also from Joom on Etsy.

Above the bed, I love these vinyl wall decals!

Beyond that it would depend on what else would fit as far as a bookcase or armchair. I've taken measurements but I have no spatial skills so I can't really work out the layout. That's where my hubby will come in handy!

So I will continue to gather ideas and inspiration for this room and see how my vision comes together over time. It will be fun! It will also open up a lot of room in my Morning Room, so that will be a whole other project! I'm so excited!


Jennalou said...

Hey Tabitha-
Thanks for stopping by my blog. My "new room" was previously occupied by my soon to be MIL.... and even though she is great I'm SO glad she's gone. I LOVE a good before and after so when your done be sure to share!!

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