Saturday, August 30, 2008

The craft table is in the hoooouse!!

I feel like I should send out an announcement of our newest arrival...
my long-awaited crafting table/desk!!!

I blogged about it almost two weeks ago but it's felt like an eternity!! Read that post (titled "This changes everything")


I did end up putting it in my Morning Room, right in front of the picture window. I like the natural light in there and it is my favorite room so it works. The table is just as cute as I remembered it--maybe cuter!!

A lovely table plus four chairs and it fits just right, plus I sent the fourth chair into my SIL's room for use at her sewing table (when she doesn't join me at mine).

This is when it first arrived...

...but I had to jazz it up a little so I added a bird lamp, a faux orchid and my bird cage candle holder. Much better.

Here's a close-up. Nice "shabby chic white."

Here you can see the details of the legs and the chair fabric. I'll probably re-cover them eventually but no rush--these are just fine! And they're padded so they'll be comfy for long crafting sessions.

And here's how it fits into the room. It really is just right, I adore it.

I am determined to get this area completely organized by the end of this weekend--Labor Day being included in that! Two days!!! Here's my challenge: clearing off this bookcase and moving IN my crafting supplies. I will, of course, keep you posted.

Lastly, a word of encouragement. There's a saying: "We have not because we ask not." Wishing for a crafting table?? Well, be on the look-out for the one you have in mind and even if it's in a friend's house--ask for it!! It can't hurt and worst case scenario, she's flattered that you admire her taste! Naturally, this encompasses much more than craft tables, but it's an excellent mindset to embrace. Just today, my mom took home an Asian chest for her bedroom that I'm not using, just because she asked for it! I've given away tea cups, jewelry, name it. But I rarely offer. And I almost never say no. Try it, won't you? And let me know how it turns out!

***UPDATE Sunday morning***

In the interest of full disclosure and actually helping someone with a similar project, I'm not going to give you just a before & after. This is my project "in process." I've been going through EVERYthing and throwing out a LOT, then redistributing things. It's fun--but tiring!! And a lot of work!! So here's where I'm at as of 10:30am!

My former workspace. This is where I'm doing my sorting.

This is a sneak peak at the storage solutions I'll be sharing with you: plastic bins with lids and pencil boxes!!

And the new space. The two big diaper boxes are filled with what use to be on the bookcase.

I feel like I'm at about the half-way point. I'll be posting the final product and a little "tour" of my new space ASAP! :)

***UPDATE Sunday afternoon***

Now it's 2:00pm and my dining room table is now back to its true self--a place to eat!! Can you feel it smiling?

And here's my bookcase, now holding only craft supplies. Actually, only card-making supplies. I'm keeping my few specifically scrap booking supplies separate.

And I added the essentials: my coffee cup and coaster and a pumpkin full of M&Ms!! Let the crafting begin!!!!

Ok, not really. I've still got to clean out my junk from my hubby's man cave. This is my least favorite part. Uggghhhh...

BUT! Tomorrow, I will be posting my organizational tips and tricks and the storage solutions I've come up with. Woo-hoo!!

Wishing you a productive day-

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's Find

YES, I finally took the plunge and set up shop on Etsy!

My main item will be cards, of course, but I'm experimenting with other items, too, including custom monograms on canvas.

I'm working the kinks out so go poke around and give me your feedback--constructive criticism is appreciated!! :) Let me know what cards you'd like to see and whether you'd like to buy sets or buy them individually.

More items to be listed soon...and a new giveaway, too!!

(click on the link below)

Roots & Wings on Etsy

I've got so many ideas swirling through my these!

I love how this one turned out (using my new alphabet stamps). I gave this one away this morning but the rest will be even cuter!!

It went to the cute pregnant lady in the middle at a little mini-shower I "threw" (or threw together) today.

Now I'm preparing for a visit from my mom. We're going to a "girls night in" CRAFT NIGHT tonight and I'm soooo excited! new craft table should be arriving by the end of the weekend--I'll keep you up-to-date!! Woo-hoo to long weekends!! Hope yours is grand, too!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...neon, baby!!

My BFF and I took these "modeling classes" together when we were about 12 years old. God bless our mothers. It was the modeling agency's way of making money, undoubtedly, and finding maybe one talented gal among the 50 of us. No, neither she nor I were one of them. You'll see why.

Neither of us really wanted to least not beyond the dream all of us have of being models. Right???? :) But it did teach us a lot about hair and makeup, how to carry yourself, walking like a lady and looking good in front of the camera. I still get told how "photogenic" I am. I say, "Yeah, I look better in pictures than I do in person." It's a fact.

So. This picture. I just adore this pose. It's so natural! So sassy! I practiced that, too, BTW.

Let's start at the top, shall we?

Major bangs. A professional hair stylist over-saw this look so I can't take the blame entirely! Permed hair, of course. I think this perm was on its last leg. I recall a lot of mousse going into this.

And, um...I could've plucked those brows a little more.

Braces! Can't forget those!

Check out the plastic earrings. They match the shirt(s) and shorts, of course. Probably ran me about $2.95 at Eckert.

We've got the double-layered tees WITH the sleeves rolled up. Ya don't wanna miss the lime green underneath.

Then the shorts. Hmm. "Hot pink," yes? It seems like those were meant to be athletic shorts, but...who knows?? I don't recall wearing them aside from this photo shoot--I bet my mom said they were too short. They were definitely nylon. Classy.

Ah, the lace up sandals. Man, I have to admire those long, lean, tan legs. No cellulite yet!

Yup, this one is is a doozy, circa 1989. Can you relate to any of this?? :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A.k.a. "This post is all over the place."

And after 26 comments (and counting) from the spray painting party, anything less is going to be slightly disappointing--but I'm bracing myself. Every day can't be a "26 comments" kinda day.

So! Funny story. I took a meal to a gal from church who'd recently had surgery. I'd gotten a little lost on the way there plus I was battling traffic and construction (nothing new) so I was a little flustered as I deposited the KFC family meal to her husband at the door. As I turned to go, he said, "Thanks again!" and I said, "My problem!!" Then I go, "HA! That was 'my pleasure' and 'no problem' all wrapped into one!" and he laughed and said, "I like it! I'm gonna start saying, 'My pleasure, your problem!'" We had a good laugh and every time I thought about it, I cracked up. "My problem!" or "No pleasure!" Goodness. You gotta find the humor in life, right??

Next item: I made myself some magazine files using cereal boxes and scrapbooking paper. It was, ahem...interesting. Definitely trial and error. For extra upright storage that no one ever really sees close up, it might be worth it. The two on the ends are from IKEA, the other two are mine. I'm betting there's an easier way than the "trace, cut, retrace, recut" method I used. I'll keep you posted.

In other news, we got a storm last night! Woooo, baby, did we need it! Here's pics as it rolled in. From my front porch.



and right. Phew! It was a doozy and SO nice!!

Ok, moving on. Are you a better typer than me?? The clock starts when you click on it so be ready to take the test immediately!!

68 words

Speed test

Here's my TAG (which were my maiden name initials, but the way!):

4 Things I like about my husband...
He's intelligent AND sensitive (despite what some people may think!)
He's an excellent father in every way
He loves God
He still cracks me up all the time

4 Movies I have watched more than once...
Dirty Dancing (my b.f. was obsessed with it)
Benny and Joon
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

4 TV shows I watch...
The Office
What Not to Wear
Designed to Sell

4 Places I have been...
St. Augustine, Florida
Sedona, Arizona
Rocky Point, Mexico
Charlotte, North Carolina

4 People who email me regularly...
my hubby
Amy (my mentor)
Tracy from church
my mama

4 Favorite foods...
fettuccine Alfredo with chicken
fried shrimp
brownie a la mode

4 Places I would like to visit...
Colorado springs

4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year (2009)...
Hopefully a new baby
My boy being three and even more fun!
More ministry opportunities at church
It not being an election year!!

I tag anyone who wants to do it!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Spray Outside the (Black) Box Party!!!

If you're here from Joys of Home, welcome!!!!

See all the other party participants


She's addicted to spray painting things black. Heehee. Her challenge was to show projects painted in other colors (although black or white are OK!)--which I just happened to be working on the very day I found out about this!!!

So. We got this ice cream shop table and chairs as a wedding gift from my parents 6 years ago. It was on our patio in our first apartment and has been with us ever since. It's moved all over the house, inside and out. This is the BEFORE.

Cute enough--but beige?? C'mon now!!

I've always wanted to paint it. And turquoise is my new favorite color.

So far, I've got two chairs done in the turquoise. Two took the whole can so now I've gotta get another can. I may do the others in PINK!!

I did decide on black for the table bottom, just so I can haul it inside when I need an extra, throw on a tablecloth and it won't clash.

And here it is.

Currently, it's on the back patio so now I'll be on the look-out for matching accessories to jazz it up back there. Our yard and patio leave a lot to be desired but this can be my "inspiration piece" to pull together the whole area.

BEFORE again...

And after!

I realized when I previewed this post that I had one napkin horizontal and one I took more later, in the evening light! I like this better, anyway, plus I added more accessories.

I was going to spray the wood seats and table-top a different color, but the orange paint I got was a gloss and I didn't like how it went on. Maybe a terra cotta could work better.

Better yet, I'll make cushions and tie them on--the chairs are hard, anyway. For now, these cute napkins at least give you the idea!!

Since fall is approaching and the temps here get bearable in the next two months or so (no kidding), I'm definitely inspired to have a beautiful patio by then!! I'll keep you posted...

Thanks for visiting!! I can't wait to see what everyone else did!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend cardmaking

You know I couldn't be gone all weekend with actual FREE TIME and not make cards!!

And, this was a first: I actually sold some of my cards! :)

Our hostess watched me making some over the weekend--plus I brought a bunch pre-made because it went with the devotional I gave. I gladly made her 12 cards--and gladly took her money!! :) I actually gave most of it back to her to cover the food for the weekend, but still!!

It was nice to sit and make cards uninterrupted, while we watched videos or listened to music. How luxurious!!

These were made with Amy Butler paper and my favorite bird stamp. I almost hated to give these up!! Fabulous colors and patterns.

These were generic and thank you. More A.B. paper.

My new paper arrived just before we left so I had a blast creating these. They seem more...youthful. Some of paper was glittery, too. FUN!! I see these being more for teens.

Here they are close up.

Then today I had a few more minutes to whip these up with my favorite paper. I used the clearance stickers from Target--they're fabulous and add some nice dimension and sparkle.

I had a blast making these and now I've got plenty to last me a while--unless someone else needs twelve of them!!

I hope you got to be creative this weekend, too!!

Weekend report

Well, I'm back from my weekend women's leadership team retreat! It was rejuvenating and relaxing...and now I'm exhausted!!!

I know you're not interested in all the details...but who doesn't love to see a gorgeous house and some nice scenery??

Here's where we stayed near Flagstaff, Arizona. The "cabin" belongs to one of our team members. What a blessing to stay in such an amazing place!!

Check out those trees!!

Here's the back--I love all the stone.

And here we on Saturday, minus the photographer. I love these women!!!! We kinda look color-coordinated in our blues and greens!! I'm the one in the brown shrug.

We are our meals on the deck because it was so nice out. In the valley, it was 110 degrees while we were gone!! Phew!!

You know we all spent some time in the kitchen!!

We spent most of our time between the dining room table, the couches and the back deck. I love her elegant/rustic style.

I had to show you this!!!! There's this stone room where they store their wine. the back, there's this other little room. Kind of hidden. It was so cool down there--literally, too!!

Here's the room I shared with my dear friend and mentor, Amy. We had some excellent chats down there.

And here we are today, less one gal who had to go home to be with her husband, who broke his leg on Saturday!!

And some nice Arizona scenery on the way home. Gorgeous!

It was so nice to get away, get work done and spend time together. Could we make this a quarterly event?? :)

Thanks, ladies, for an awesome weekend!!