Saturday, August 30, 2008

The craft table is in the hoooouse!!

I feel like I should send out an announcement of our newest arrival...
my long-awaited crafting table/desk!!!

I blogged about it almost two weeks ago but it's felt like an eternity!! Read that post (titled "This changes everything")


I did end up putting it in my Morning Room, right in front of the picture window. I like the natural light in there and it is my favorite room so it works. The table is just as cute as I remembered it--maybe cuter!!

A lovely table plus four chairs and it fits just right, plus I sent the fourth chair into my SIL's room for use at her sewing table (when she doesn't join me at mine).

This is when it first arrived...

...but I had to jazz it up a little so I added a bird lamp, a faux orchid and my bird cage candle holder. Much better.

Here's a close-up. Nice "shabby chic white."

Here you can see the details of the legs and the chair fabric. I'll probably re-cover them eventually but no rush--these are just fine! And they're padded so they'll be comfy for long crafting sessions.

And here's how it fits into the room. It really is just right, I adore it.

I am determined to get this area completely organized by the end of this weekend--Labor Day being included in that! Two days!!! Here's my challenge: clearing off this bookcase and moving IN my crafting supplies. I will, of course, keep you posted.

Lastly, a word of encouragement. There's a saying: "We have not because we ask not." Wishing for a crafting table?? Well, be on the look-out for the one you have in mind and even if it's in a friend's house--ask for it!! It can't hurt and worst case scenario, she's flattered that you admire her taste! Naturally, this encompasses much more than craft tables, but it's an excellent mindset to embrace. Just today, my mom took home an Asian chest for her bedroom that I'm not using, just because she asked for it! I've given away tea cups, jewelry, name it. But I rarely offer. And I almost never say no. Try it, won't you? And let me know how it turns out!

***UPDATE Sunday morning***

In the interest of full disclosure and actually helping someone with a similar project, I'm not going to give you just a before & after. This is my project "in process." I've been going through EVERYthing and throwing out a LOT, then redistributing things. It's fun--but tiring!! And a lot of work!! So here's where I'm at as of 10:30am!

My former workspace. This is where I'm doing my sorting.

This is a sneak peak at the storage solutions I'll be sharing with you: plastic bins with lids and pencil boxes!!

And the new space. The two big diaper boxes are filled with what use to be on the bookcase.

I feel like I'm at about the half-way point. I'll be posting the final product and a little "tour" of my new space ASAP! :)

***UPDATE Sunday afternoon***

Now it's 2:00pm and my dining room table is now back to its true self--a place to eat!! Can you feel it smiling?

And here's my bookcase, now holding only craft supplies. Actually, only card-making supplies. I'm keeping my few specifically scrap booking supplies separate.

And I added the essentials: my coffee cup and coaster and a pumpkin full of M&Ms!! Let the crafting begin!!!!

Ok, not really. I've still got to clean out my junk from my hubby's man cave. This is my least favorite part. Uggghhhh...

BUT! Tomorrow, I will be posting my organizational tips and tricks and the storage solutions I've come up with. Woo-hoo!!

Wishing you a productive day-


Krissy said...



I'll keep that in mind ... next time I'm out. lol I'll be like.. hey ... you want that? LOL (I'm still in CLT visiting family, so I don't know if my package came yet. I won't be home for another week! I might have my DH mail it to me here. LOL) :D

Vanessa said...

I love it!! I love the white shabby chic look...I want one :)

Brown said...

I love the table and so glad you've posted "in progress" photos, too. I like the idea of having everything on a bookcase, actually. That would work for me better than a table because I don't have room for a table. Thanks so much for posting this, I'm loving your tips (especially the pencil box one)! Thanks again!!

jaimemadison said...

You were right about the cushions. The veggies are cute!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Great table - it's nice to have a dedicated crafting space. Good luck with your reorganization!


Vanessa said...

I just nominated you for the "Brilliant Blog Award" on my blog...

I always love your blog!

new every morning said...

Ooooh, girl!
It looks great! What a perfect craft table. I love all the character!

Thanks for the pics ... and your sweet comments!