Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This changes everything

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I came home from Bunco last night and told my hubby, "Something happened at Bunco that's going to change everything."
"Everything?" he asked.
"Everything," I replied.
Bottom line? I'm getting a craft table. I can now have a dedicated space in our home for crafting!!!!

The deal is, a few months ago, the gal who hosted Bunco hauled in this fabulous table from outside. It was big, but with sides that dropped down, and beautiful turned legs. It was painted "shabby chic white" and had lovely matching chairs with a pad, which were upholstered in a really cute, cheery fabric. I was drooling.

I go, "That's your outside table??" I'm thinking, If I didn't have a new dining room table, I'd want it for that!
She says, "Yeah, we got a new one for our anniversary."
Well. My wheels were churning. I pictured it as a crafting table/desk! It would fit right in to my decor and would be a comfy place to sit. Plus, I could keep it small for everyday then expand it when hosted a craft night!

I kept admiring it all night and by the end of the evening, I told her, "If you ever decide to get rid of it, think of me first."

A month or so later, feeling a bit foolish but still on a mission, I e-mailed her and said, "Really. Think of me." I figured she thought I was nuts.

Last night, she says to me, "Hey. I've got news. The table is yours."
I...was...ecstatic. I almost fainted. I was so distracted all night, I didn't win a thing. OK, I never win, but still.

So now I'm making my plans. I'm tempted to put it in "the office," which is really supposed to be my hubby's man cave. I want to get out of his office, if anything. Plus it's dark in there and I feel very cut off from the rest of...everything.

Maybe my Morning Room?? Right under the window, where the morning light stream in. Then I'm picturing a bookcase on either side of the window to put all my stuff which will, of course, have to be in cute, color-coordinated containers now.

And my hubby can have his office back!

And I can host craft night! And have a desk that's more than a "paper pile catcher."

Oh, my heart goes pitter patter just thinking about it.

See? It changes everything.

P.S. The only gliche is that I need a truck to go pick it up. Hopefully, it's not too tacky to call on my SIL's ex-boyfriend to help!!! :) Then, of course, I'll post pictures!!


Just me.....Shelly said...

OoOoh! I can't wait to see it!! I wanna have craft night w you!!

BTW, your goodies are on the way!

new every morning said...

C'mon, girl, you can't tease us like that!
We need a picture!

I'm happy for you!

Lorrie said...

ooh, what fun...but I want to see it!


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Hi there! I found your blog from a comment on Heidi's blog (Mt. Hope). I saw the "Roots and Wings" title and fell in love with it! What a great blog name! I have been trying to give our homeschool an official name for the last month. I was wondering if you would mind if I used this name for our homeschool. I don't think it would be publicized that much! :) I am making school t-shirts for field trips and might refer to it on my blog from time to time. But I would certainly give you credit for the name! Anyway, please let me know if that is okay or not. Either way would be just fine. (IT feels so silly to ask a complete stranger!) I've enjoyed reading through some of your blog posts! Thanks, Renee

Vanessa said...

Can't wait to see your new desk!! YAY!

Mojavi said...

wow you have a craft night!

I wish I had one!

Anyhoo congrats on the table :)

Krissy said...

I'm SO jealous! That's part of why we're house hunting right now... to find a house with enough bedrooms AND office space! (Toys in the LR, sharing an office, the boy in our bedroom/bed ... yeah. It's time.) LUCKY!!!