Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New project

I found my spray paint!!!

So this is my current project.

We got this ice cream shop table and chairs as a wedding gift from my parents 6 years ago. It was on our patio in our first apartment and has been with us ever since. It's moved all over the house, inside and out. This is the BEFORE.

Cute enough--but beige?? C'mon now!!

I've always wanted to paint it. And turquoise is my new favorite color.

So far, I've got two chairs done in the turquoise. Two took the whole can so now I've gotta get another can.

I decided on black for the table bottom, so I can haul it inside when I need an extra, throw on a tablecloth and it won't clash.

There is now an AFTER...but you'll have to wait to see it all put together on Monday, when I participate in the "Spray Outside of the Black Box" party that "Joys of Home" is hosting.

Done any (NON-black) spray painting projects lately?? Plan on linking up!!!



for the details!


Krissy said...

Cute!! I love that blue!!!!!! ... I keep looking for fun stuff like that, but they just don't have cute/cool stuff like that at flea markets or in the secondhand stores where I'm at in TN. :(

letters to elijah said...

I love the new colour! So where are you putting it when you are done?

a day in the life of bella said...

I'm an aqua gal and a spray painting one, too, so this project is so cute to me:)

Nice to meet you, found you from JOYS OF HOME :)


Joy said...

Oh, I love your metal furniture! I have a set of chairs just like those, I painted mine a summer squash yellow. Then I upholstered the seats with a weather proof material.
I'm liking the bright, and fun colors that you've chosen for yours! I can't wait to see the finished project.