Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm workin' on it!!

YES, I will soon be sharing my best craft organizational tips and pictures! Just as soon as I write the post and take and upload the pictures!! :)
It was just too nice to hang out at my folks' house today and truly enjoy a "day off." Aaaaahhhh.

Here's a preview, though!

I'm keeping my current project-in-process contained on this tray. I can gather all my supplies and keep them there until I'm ready to work on it, then I can put it back on the tray for later (so it's not cluttering up my whole table), without all the trouble of putting it away...then when I'm completely done, I can carry the tray over and put everything back where it belongs! Cool, huh?

I hope it actually works. That's the only thing about reorganizing--it has to be functional!! And you can't know until you actually use the space. So we'll see how my new craft area actually works out in reality!! Aren't you glad I can do the trial and error for you?? :)

I hope you enjoyed your labor day, too!
We'll be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts soon!!


Just me.....Shelly said...

organization? i could nevER ever ever follow that nice little rule witht he tray thingy.....would not work over here, lol!!! I have taken over every single room upstairs with paper, glitter, fabric, stickers, stamps.....

hope your labor day was....laborish.


Brown said...

I can't wait for your next post! I've already purchased pencil boxes from Target because they're so cheap right now.

I have another blog request for you. (With me, you'll never go without things to blog about! lol) Would you post a tutorial on how you incorporate ribbon into your cards? I've been playing around with it a little bit as an accent but without bows. I'd like to know how you attach the ribbon and how to make the bows. Plus, I always like to see your designs and ideas!

Julie said...

The tray is a brilliant idea! I have a perfect one in mind that is going to go to good use beyond the occasional party platter. Hooray!