Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Organizing your crafting paraphernalia

**The rumor on the street is that Target just deeply discounted their scrap booking materials!! Once this is posted, I'm heading to Target!! I'll let you know what happens!!**

Ok, ladies. For those of you with about the same amount of crafting paraphernalia and about the same space to store it, maybe some of these tips will help you!! :) I know many of you have a lot more stuff than this and a lot more space. But for what it's worth, here's what I do.

If you're starting from scratch or need to do a major over-haul, I suggest taking everything you have and re-sorting it all into piles to see how much room you need for each.

Here's the main items I most enjoy using:
pencil boxes
3-drawer plastic chests
smaller 3-drawer plastic chests
plastic bins with lids
photo storage boxes

For pens and scissors, I simply use pencil cups or mugs.
I looove using pencil boxes and they're dirt cheap this time of year. It's perfect for smaller items. You can use a paint pen to label them, too.

I store my miscellaneous stamps in one (two layers, so it fits a lot!)...

...then my small embellishments in another (like brads and glitter).

The third one holds other misc. paper embellishments.

These two plastic bins are everywhere and less than $5 each. Get a few the same and they'll stack very nicely.

One holds my small pieces of paper and scrap papers, plus some stickers.

The other holds my plain note cards and envelopes.

I have two of these guys with three drawers each. They're a nice size and stack nicely, too.

Two drawers hold stamps...

And another holds ink.

There are rulers in one, plus ribbon and other goodies. Anything that fits!!

This little guy is a popular choice for dorm rooms, meaning they're in plentiful supply this time of year, too. They're often in the kids' section, too, in either pastel or primary colors. Three smaller drawers, perfect for small odds and ends like stickers, glue, glitter, etc. Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere!!

I also enjoy using photo storage boxes which can be found for $1.50 each, or $3 each at the most. They come in a bazillion different colors. I use one for ideas I rip out of magazines and the other holds my completed cards, grouped as they're listed on Etsy or by category, using the included dividers.

Notice the wood crate, too. They always have these cheap at Goodwill for whatever reason. I keep my mailing labels in a separate container inside the crate, plus miscellaneous note cards.

And I need your help!! The one thing I can't seem to find a good solutions for is all my 12x12 paper. They don't make letter trays that size, do they?? If you have a clever way or keeping yours organized, please let me know!!

I hope you enjoyed this little "tour." It's always evolving and changing, based on my needs...yours should, too! Good luck with your organizing projects this week!!


Chrissie Grace said...

Michaels and Target sell plastic containers that are made just for 12 x 12" papers. :)

Brown said...

Wow! We have a lot of the same stamps, stickers and paper! lol Great minds think alike.

I LOVE photo storage boxes. When they're on sale at Michaels or Joanns, I buy them in loads. I also use them for card making supplies. I purchased some pencil boxes on your advise and I'm so glad I did!

As for the 12x12 paper: I agree with Chrissie Grace above. I purchased the green 12x12 storage case from Target. It was $10 but really well worth it!

Thank you so much for posting this. It's been very helpful! I've got a grand plan to re-organize tonight and will post this week. Thanks again!!

PS - How'd you make out at the big T?

Brown said...

Oy vey. That should have said advice.