Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend report

Well, I'm back from my weekend women's leadership team retreat! It was rejuvenating and relaxing...and now I'm exhausted!!!

I know you're not interested in all the details...but who doesn't love to see a gorgeous house and some nice scenery??

Here's where we stayed near Flagstaff, Arizona. The "cabin" belongs to one of our team members. What a blessing to stay in such an amazing place!!

Check out those trees!!

Here's the back--I love all the stone.

And here we on Saturday, minus the photographer. I love these women!!!! We kinda look color-coordinated in our blues and greens!! I'm the one in the brown shrug.

We are our meals on the deck because it was so nice out. In the valley, it was 110 degrees while we were gone!! Phew!!

You know we all spent some time in the kitchen!!

We spent most of our time between the dining room table, the couches and the back deck. I love her elegant/rustic style.

I had to show you this!!!! There's this stone room where they store their wine. the back, there's this other little room. Kind of hidden. It was so cool down there--literally, too!!

Here's the room I shared with my dear friend and mentor, Amy. We had some excellent chats down there.

And here we are today, less one gal who had to go home to be with her husband, who broke his leg on Saturday!!

And some nice Arizona scenery on the way home. Gorgeous!

It was so nice to get away, get work done and spend time together. Could we make this a quarterly event?? :)

Thanks, ladies, for an awesome weekend!!


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Krissy said...

You are so pretty!!! That cabin is beautiful... I'm totally jealous!!! :)