Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend cardmaking

You know I couldn't be gone all weekend with actual FREE TIME and not make cards!!

And, this was a first: I actually sold some of my cards! :)

Our hostess watched me making some over the weekend--plus I brought a bunch pre-made because it went with the devotional I gave. I gladly made her 12 cards--and gladly took her money!! :) I actually gave most of it back to her to cover the food for the weekend, but still!!

It was nice to sit and make cards uninterrupted, while we watched videos or listened to music. How luxurious!!

These were made with Amy Butler paper and my favorite bird stamp. I almost hated to give these up!! Fabulous colors and patterns.

These were generic and thank you. More A.B. paper.

My new paper arrived just before we left so I had a blast creating these. They seem more...youthful. Some of paper was glittery, too. FUN!! I see these being more for teens.

Here they are close up.

Then today I had a few more minutes to whip these up with my favorite paper. I used the clearance stickers from Target--they're fabulous and add some nice dimension and sparkle.

I had a blast making these and now I've got plenty to last me a while--unless someone else needs twelve of them!!

I hope you got to be creative this weekend, too!!


Vanessa said...

Wow you were busy!! Congrats on your sale! Your cards are beautiful :)

Brown said...

Yes - I was busy crafting this weekend, too! I posted pics of the new cards.

I got your gift today - thank you so much! Please look out in your mailbox for a gift from me soon.

Kristy said...

These are adorable! How crafty you are. And I love the aqua table and chairs.