Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A.k.a. "This post is all over the place."

And after 26 comments (and counting) from the spray painting party, anything less is going to be slightly disappointing--but I'm bracing myself. Every day can't be a "26 comments" kinda day.

So! Funny story. I took a meal to a gal from church who'd recently had surgery. I'd gotten a little lost on the way there plus I was battling traffic and construction (nothing new) so I was a little flustered as I deposited the KFC family meal to her husband at the door. As I turned to go, he said, "Thanks again!" and I said, "My problem!!" Then I go, "HA! That was 'my pleasure' and 'no problem' all wrapped into one!" and he laughed and said, "I like it! I'm gonna start saying, 'My pleasure, your problem!'" We had a good laugh and every time I thought about it, I cracked up. "My problem!" or "No pleasure!" Goodness. You gotta find the humor in life, right??

Next item: I made myself some magazine files using cereal boxes and scrapbooking paper. It was, ahem...interesting. Definitely trial and error. For extra upright storage that no one ever really sees close up, it might be worth it. The two on the ends are from IKEA, the other two are mine. I'm betting there's an easier way than the "trace, cut, retrace, recut" method I used. I'll keep you posted.

In other news, we got a storm last night! Woooo, baby, did we need it! Here's pics as it rolled in. From my front porch.



and right. Phew! It was a doozy and SO nice!!

Ok, moving on. Are you a better typer than me?? The clock starts when you click on it so be ready to take the test immediately!!

68 words

Speed test

Here's my TAG (which were my maiden name initials, but the way!):

4 Things I like about my husband...
He's intelligent AND sensitive (despite what some people may think!)
He's an excellent father in every way
He loves God
He still cracks me up all the time

4 Movies I have watched more than once...
Dirty Dancing (my b.f. was obsessed with it)
Benny and Joon
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

4 TV shows I watch...
The Office
What Not to Wear
Designed to Sell

4 Places I have been...
St. Augustine, Florida
Sedona, Arizona
Rocky Point, Mexico
Charlotte, North Carolina

4 People who email me regularly...
my hubby
Amy (my mentor)
Tracy from church
my mama

4 Favorite foods...
fettuccine Alfredo with chicken
fried shrimp
brownie a la mode

4 Places I would like to visit...
Colorado springs

4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year (2009)...
Hopefully a new baby
My boy being three and even more fun!
More ministry opportunities at church
It not being an election year!!

I tag anyone who wants to do it!!


Shelly Belly said...

sweet! i love getting to know my fellow bloggy friends! I will do the tag...

Blissful Nikki said...

Hey! Thank so much for coming by my blog! :) Your comment was so sweet! I think your other chairs will look awesome in pink!!

I wanted to drop by and tell you that I designed my blog. I acutally am a graphic designer! lol

If you click my name it will take you to both of my blogs...its the expressive style graphics's one. You can go there to see my work and stuff! :)

So nice to "meet" you too!

Brandie said...

I typed 82 words per minte with 5 errors. I think I can go faster.

Tabi said...

That's funny! No Pleasure at all! So, I am here to help boost your 26 for the day!! Have a great day!

Brown said...

Please keep me posted on more ideas for those magazine holder thingies. I've always wanted to make them but they seemed like a lot of work.

I recently browsed your Etsy shop and as you know, I love all of your work. Congrats!