Thursday, April 10, 2008

unexpected delights

My college roommate introduced me to the word "delightful." Of course I'd heard of it but she used it to describe a cup of coffee, a pleasant outing with friends, a particular item of clothing--anything that brought delight. And it's a delightful word to use, too!

Well, the last 24 hours have brought many delights. A creamy milkshake and a chocolate chip cookie...a gorgeous spring morning playing with the kids outside...a luxurious nap in the middle of the day...roses from my husband...and freebies from my Etsy friend.
My hubby clipped these from the bushes where he works. Aren't they just glistening??

This particular one is called "double delight" and smelled AH-mazing.

I love roses, especially "wild" ones that aren't the perfect 12 that come from the florist. I'd much prefer this delightful little assortment!!!
Then my order arrived today and my friend over at Baffin Bags on Esty included these for free!! They are...well, delightful. The colors are wonderful and the stripes/floral combo is absolutely lovely.

I love them! What a nice surprise!! I hope you have some delightful moments today, too!

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