Thursday, May 29, 2008

All about your birthday!!

My hubby sent me this and I said, "You know I'm posting a link on my blog." This gives you lots of really cool information about your birthday--including celebrities that share your big day. I share a birthday with C.S. Lewis, Howie Mandel and Louisa May Alcott, among others!! I was born in the Chinese Year of the Snake and my Native American Zodiac sign (I do have Native American blood from my dad's side--Cherokee) is the OWL. I love owls!!! My age in dog years is about 4.4, which is certainly how old I feel sometimes. And I am coming up on a billion seconds old. Wooooow.
I think this would be neat to print out for someone and enclose in their birthday card.
Check it out at the link below and enjoy!

Birthday Calculator

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Stacy said...

Hey girl, thanks for visiting my blog and for the great giveaway shout out. I will have more, I love making and putting things together.
After reading a few of your posts I feel like I have had a day out with the girls! I guess I never really explored Glendale, but it is now on my list next time I go home. How great to get away with your mom. I adore spending time with mine!
So this birthday thing, I share mine with Adolf Hitler. Lovely. LOL It is interesting though, and your right, a great thing to add to a card or gift.
Have a great time with your mom, and you spend that extra yard sale money girl! Have a great week. Love Stacy