Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dark and stormy skies... match my mood.
I tried to get out yesterday (a little cabin fever) and take my son to the park but THIS is how it looked when we got there. This huge cloud moved right over us and it got all crazy-windy and even rained a little. It felt nice but we had to run to the car once and then he was more interested in changing the stations on the radio than on playing. Grrrr. I wasn't really in the mood to fight him, so we sat in the car and enjoyed the storm. I actually went to take pictures of the park because I'm hosting a play date there in a couple weeks but THIS was all I got before the battery died. Figures, huh?

Then this is the spot in the yard where we've decided to plant a tree or bush in memory of the baby that wasn't meant to be. We chose an angel (nay, a fairy, at my husband's insistence) to place next to it, just as a small memorial of sorts. The anniversary of our loss will always be Mother's Day in my mind so this will be a place I can go to say, "We will never forget you."

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