Friday, May 23, 2008

Fabric: feedback?

Ok, I am love, love, LOVING this color palette!! I got this wallet and already took it to color-match some paint chips, especially the peachy-orange color and the turquoise.

My home is aleady saturated with green, plus khaki and paprika. I'm thinking of neutralizing some of the green (not the kitchen, though--it stays); changing the paprika to a softer, peachier terra cotta; doing some cocoa or chocolate accents; and adding a good dose of my favorite color: TURQUOISE!! More of an aqua, actually. Here's some more Amy Butler fabrics. I'm picturing throw pillows and new cafe curtains for the dining area. Thoughts?? I'll number them. Feel free to comment.
3. The wallet is actually this fabric. Cool, huh?



Ariana said...

Mmm, Amy Butler fabric is one of my favorites! I'm loving Heather Bailey fabric as well.

I LOVE that color palette. I'm been VERY into peach lately- so all those fabrics and colors together look awesome.

I love the chocolate thrown in there- I think that's a great idea.

lily eden said...

Tab, those are fabulous color choices! I own all those fabrics, so of course, I am biased! I love those and turquoise are my fav colors....i have a pale turquoise and brown room....thats always a good combo...