Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday and I'm off

My hubby suggested last night, "Hey, take tomorrow off." I laughed. He was serious. He didn't want me cleaning like crazy, taking on big projects or running errands all over town. He wanted me to! So I did. My Monkey and I slept in and had a leisurely breakfast amidst TV and Internet looky-loo, and I even enjoyed a cup of (organic) coffee (with cane sugar), which I haven't done is many days. We kind of snacked all day off and on and lazed around. Then while he was occupied with his trains and later, coloring, I made myself a blueberry smoothie and took some of my card-making supplies out of storage--and made a card!!! Most of the supplies are from my Christmas stocking from aforementioned husband. Isn't he the best?? Now I know what I need and plan to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for more sets of matching embellishments, papers and stickers.

It's for one of my oldest, dearest friend's birthday, which is June 1. She's turning the big 3-0, the last of most of my grade school friends. I miss her birthday fairly often because I get a week into the month and go, "Doh!!" So this time, I'm ahead of the game. I wanted to use those daisies and ran across this paper that I had considered, of all things, for my wedding invitations back in 2002!! I used some rub-on words for the first time and added some buttons--quite the hodge-podge! But it all kind of came together and I'm pleased with the results, as imperfect as they may be!

On the inside, I printed my message on some vellum I found and used dragonfly stickers. I know they don't really "match" the daisies, but...she likes dragonflies! So, there!

I made a lil' bookmark, too, to throw in with her card. One of my favorite quotes.
Aaaah, it felt good to be crafty again and since all my supplies are out, I plan to make more while Monkey naps!! woo-hoo!
Here's the second card I made (while Monkey napped) for a special friend at church. I'm pleased with it. I definitely like the rub-on words!! The ribbon is recycled from a gift I received from a blog friend! :) The buttons are recycled, too, of course.

Here's the inside, using the vellum again. I like that stuff!! And attaching it with stickers means not worrying about the glue showing through.

I'll try to whip up another one before the beast awakes!!


Maureen said...

Sounds as if it was a wonderful day.

lily eden said...

tab those are so cute! doesnt it feel good to get creative after your long break?? great job!