Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother/Daughter Getaway

Little known fact about me: I am my family's designated travel agent. Maybe I missed my calling.
So my mom has a brief spring break soon but more importantly, I get a break from my duties at church on Sundays in June so I immediately thought, "We need to get away, just us girls!" Gas prices being what they are, I thought we could stay local so we're headed to...Glendale, Arizona!
Glendale is an older town and known for it's quaint shops and many special events throughout the year like "Glendale Glitters" (Christmas lights) and the annual chocolate festival. We've been there many times, mostly to shop in the cute shops and frequent their tea rooms and a friend's sandwich shop. Here's me and my SIL there in Feb., isn't it cute?? Mom and I will be going there!

The shops in "Catlin Court" are utterly charming and take hours to walk through because they're full of such lovely treasures. Here's one of my favorites, "The Cottage Garden." I want to live there. I'll be saving up my money for this one.

BUT, we have never had the luxury of actually taking in the sights and shopping in their renowned antique stores--until now!! I love antiquing!! And best of all, there will be no stroller to push or cranky toddler to deal with and no husbands rushing us or questioning our purchases. I'm picturing very liesurely strolling in and out of the stores, sipping a latte...a late night in our pjs, gabbing and playing Scrabble...tea and pastries for breakfast followed by more shopping and talking...aaaaahhhh...
So! We're staying in the "Trellis Room" at the Glendale Gaslight Inn. To visit their site, click the link below.
Glendale Gaslight Inn
It has a queen bed plus a day bed and is only $70 for the night. Here's the room:

And here's the front of the place.

Besides being an Inn, it also houses a wine & jazz bar...

and a coffee & tea house!

Here's the back:

We are sooooo excited!! Mom said now she has something to look forward to, plus a better answer for the "What are you doing on your break?" question! I'll be posting more about it as it gets closer--woo-hoo!!!tte.

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Stephanie said...

What a FUN trip - I have to say I'm a little jealous!

I found you through your comment on my blog - thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Nice to "meet" you!