Saturday, May 24, 2008

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Yup, I've got the redecorating bug again. Did our son's room, did the guest I want to repaint the whole front of the house to change the paprika and dark green to softer colors. Well, softer yet also more vibrant. More HAPPY! And less earth-tone-ish. I'm kind of over earth tones. Boooorrrriiiinnnggg. I need to happy up the place so I can bring in more happy colors!!
Ok, so see the circle mobile? There's a hint of a sage green, possibly my all-time favorite color. My current green is probably too saturated to really "go" with a melon or aqua. I may need to tone it down to be able to successfully incorporate the new colors. The color on the legs of the bench is perfect. Seriously.

See, now there's just a shot of the orange and turquoise here. It goes so nicely with the whites and beiges, though. I can see the aqua and orange on throw pillows, rugs, artwork, etc. rather than large doses of it.

Now, here I'm loving the citrus colors, ALL faves of mine. In fact, make me a lemon, lime and cantelope salad in a turquoise bowl and I'm in heaven. No, wouldn't eat it, I hate melon. But the colors, yes. So this look hits the mark.

This is just fun. Love the stripes!!

So, yeah, this is how my ideas grow. I'm not shy with color and once I commit, I'm all in. I go for it. So I'm in the prelimiary planning stages now. Stay tuned. I'll probably be painting within the month! :)

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lily eden said...

Oooh, these colors are YUMMY! You need one of my bright paintings (like the one I did in my re-made room mkaeover)--!! ENjoy painting and have fun redecorating--alot of work but rewarding!!