Monday, July 21, 2008

The Aqua House

I love touring model homes. I've toured...dozens. Many, many dozens. Then I dream about them, do you do that?? Execept in my dreams, it's a weird house with strange hidden hallways and basements with an entire apartment I didn't realize we had. And there's always the room I hadn't noticed before or it's decorated perfectly to suit my taste.

Anyway, I fell in love with this house a few months ago because my new favorite color is AQUA. It is fresh, soothing and quite neutral. Case in point: THIS MODEL HOME. I'd toured it with my SIL once before but we returned Saturday with the camera so I could add the photos to my dream house file. It's not the house I love--it's the colors and decor. I just want to move in! I love every inch of it, every accessory, every piece of artwork.

Join me in "oohing" and "aahing," won't you?
It's worth mentioning that ALL the walls are two shades of aqua. Some rooms have an accent wall, one was half and half on each wall, one was stripes, etc. Very creative. Those poor painters.

Formal living/dining room. Useless, in my opinion, which is why we're looking at the colors and decor and not the layout! :)

The dining room chairs had matching pillows in the adjacent sitting room. Niiiice.

Cool lantern, huh?

Here's a close-up of the fabric on the window treatment. That's the palette i'm talkin' about. I love the design, too, actually.

Kitchen. Notice how it incorporates the yellow, green...even red! And the aqua pops against the cabinets, which are almost the exact same color as mine.

Mm, mm, mm, I love those colors!! The placemat is a pinkish-red color. Then the napkins have the yellow, brown, aqua, etc.

Here's a den/game room. Notice the two shades of aqua that meet in the corner. See the painting?? I love ALL those colors.

Kids room #1. I adore the brown bedspread.

Here's the fabric on the window--awesome!! Mostly an orange color, with the shots of brown, yellow, aqua and red. I believe it's the same pattern and colors of the bedspread, just sort of reversed.

Kid room #2. Horizontal stripes. Oh, yeah!

The landing. So bright and airy.

This fabric ROCKS!!! Sage, paprika, aqua, red and taupe.

Bedroom #3. Some serious color, folks. But, see?? It even works with bright colors and metallics!! The walls in here have both colors on each wall, divided right down the middle.

Adorable fabric, almost "groovy." This designer had a blast choosing fabrics.

Bedroom #4. This one had a fish border along the ceiling (no, thank you). But cuuuute!

I like the addition of a little pink :) plus the orange and lime green.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...

THE MASTER BEDROOM. What could easily be my favorite room of all time. What is it...The windows? The breezy feel? The mix of colors and textures? Brace yourself. It's nothing fancy, nothing ridiculously over-done. It's just delightful.

I would've never put the gold color with aqua but, oh, yeah. It works.

This pillow is probably my favorite fabric in the whole house. The stitching is a little metallic and has a texture to it. Aaaaaah.

Check out the aqua walls with the tile floor with the wall paper. Whoooooa. How'd they find tile with a hint of aqua in it?? Or maybe it just picks up the color.

The colors and pattern in the wallpaper remind me of a kilm pillow. The towel colors are yummy--that shade of golden brown is awesome.

The best part is, my home is already painted in khaki, paprika and sage green. The color scheme in this house is all three aforementioned colors--plus aqaua! And a little yellow, too, which I do enjoy is small doses. Of course, many of the fabrics are a clever combo of one or two colors or different hues of the others, like orange, turquoise and chocolate brown.

So. I'd love to figure out how to add more aqua to my home withOUT repainting it all. I already have a few pieces of turquoise, thanks to THIS that my hubby brought home years ago. I love it. We have a mirror the same color but little else.

So some aqua/turquoise colors would certainly work.

And this niche, for example, is still "builder white." We can't figure out what color to paint it!! I'm thinking maybe two shades of aqua. Well, one shade of turquoise, one of aqua. I thought dark on the wall and light around the outside, but my hubby suggested the opposite and I like that idea. Whaddaya think??

So I'm going to print of the pictures of the model...look around my house...and come up with a plan. A couple gallons of paint and some lucious fabrics would go a long way. Maybe I'll get your advice when I do my home tour...coming up this week! :)


Just me.....Shelly said...

wow! you sure took the pics!! i can see why you love that home..i love blues, too...turquoise, specifically! they had it dec'ed out so nice! wish my house was ALWAYS that clean.....are you planning a move???

proudgrits11 said...

Nah, no move, just a decor update. I love my fall colors/"earth tones" but I need something BRIGHT to spice it up!! I get the re-decorating itch every couple of years and have done over several rooms over time, but...the main part of the house has stayed the same. I need something new!!