Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I interupt this break...

...to bring you this announcement:
I won a drawing for a big grab-bag of paper embellishments, over at Lily Eden! This gal is SO creative and SO much fun--I've ordered from her many times and everything she makes is AH-mazing!! I've entered her drawing several times but "had a feeling" about this one--and wouldn't you know it, her daughter drew TWO names, and I was one of them!! Chosen from 33 comments!!
You gotta check it out! Scroll down to see her cutie-pie daughter clutching my name--it's adorable!! (click below)

Lily Eden blog

Here's why this is super-cool.
YES, I am still on a blog/computer hiatus but I have done some blog-hopping to my favorites, just to read and be encouraged and inspired. And, oddly enough, when I do come back, I'll be reporting on something I'm cooking up that involves card-making!! I just ordered paper from the aforementioned gal and a gal she recommended and now I won all of these goodies to (literally) top it all off!!
I've been making cards like crazy this week and my mom's a big card-making fan, too. JUST TODAY, she called and said, "When I'm on break in a few weeks, can we pleeeease spend some time making cards and drinking yummy drinks together??" DONE! I love it when things just sort of come together. That, I believe, is another reminder that God loves me and cares about the details of my life.
Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."
And now, back to my regularly scheduled break...


shelly said...

yay yaya yayayayayya!!!! I was so THRILLED when she clutched onto your name!! yay lily!! congrats! thanks for the sweet words on your blog

Sew Gracious said...

Congrats on your win!

I'm having a blog giveaway now too! You're on a roll . . . you might be lucky again! :-)

Ruth said...

Awww... what a lovely mummy! I'm sure you'll have great fun!