Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lavender Lane Bed and Breakfast

a.k.a. "my house." My mom is coming to stay for three days, two nights starting tonight. I've been working busily (and working up a sweat) getting ready today. Here's her welcome basket and magazines, plus a carafe and water. The basket holds lots of goodies, mostly for pampering, plus some "short read" books I thought she'd like paging through. She's an early riser so I have to have something to keep her occupied in the morning before we get up.

Here's where she sleeps. The picket fence headboard is new--I love it!! She sleeps really well here for whatever reason. It's probably the combo of a good mattress and a black-out shade!

And in case you're curious, here's the rest of our son's room/guest room.

I modified my "coffee and tea station" to be more visitor-friendly. I'll just pre-set the coffee pot for her the night before. There's a personal tea pot and a couple choices for tea, in case the mood strikes her.

This is closer to how it normally looks, and how it'll look tomorrow morning, since we'll be having "coffee to go." I have to keep my vitamins there, too, so I don't forget!!

I'll be posting more about my mom's stay soon! I loooove having company!! Tonight she's arriving quite late so all we'll have time for is some Oreo ice cream cake and a pampering foot treatment! Stay tuned!

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