Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a love-hate relationship

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship...with Wal-Mart??

Am I gonna get sued for using their name??

I don't prefer to shop at big-box retailers and Wal-Mart is frequently in the news for controversial nonsense, plus they're notorious for bad service, long lines and dirty stores. Or is it just me??

I crack up over the commercials where they ask someone what they love about Wal-Mart. Let's face facts, folks. They've got a lot of stuff and they've got it cheap. THAT'S why people go back. Simple. And, of course, those facts draw...well, a certain type of person. You know who you are (or aren't). I'd love to be in a place in life where I didn't need Wal-Mart anymore. I'd be buying produce at the local farmer's market, sewing my own clothing and making trains for my son out of recycled wood. But that day is not today. It's too hot for farmer's markets, I don't sew and, well, Thomas the Train ROCKS.

To give credit where credit is due, the store I went to today (with my friend/boss, just the two of us, sans kids--what a treat!) was bright, well-stocked and easy to navigate, and the cashier was pleasant and friendly and wished me a "blessed day." BUT, that experience is certainly the exception.

More times than I care to admit, I'd find myself fuming in the check-out line, promising myself and anyone within earshot that I'd never come back. It could've been the main item I'd come for being out of stock...not finding a sales associate when I needed one...or just the fact that I'd been in a line of 15 people without moving for thirty minutes. Someone was paying with an out-of-state check, no doubt. And it was the cashier's first day. And she only had one arm. Of course, I'd also have a screaming, tired toddler in the cart who can't have a candy bar at 9:00pm.

But before long, I'd find myself running tight on grocery money at the end of the month or needing items that the average grocery store doesn't carry, and good ol' Wal-Mart would beckon me back. So I'd go and on my way out, I'd look at my receipt and say, "Oh, yeah. That's the Wal-Mart way."

They got it all and they've got it cheap.

Case in point.
Check out the photo below.
They have stuff there that #1, is cheaper than anywhere else in a twenty-mile radius or #2, I just can't find anywhere else.

That Dove body spray? I've been wanting one but our closest Walgreens stopped carrying it when they reduced their deodorant selection. Oh...kay! The one on my way to church carries them but I'm not typically in a position to stop when I'm driving to or from church. But Wal-Mart had it!

"Ohs" cereal? Mine and my son's favorite. Our favorite grocery store doesn't carry it! but Wal-Mart does! So I got two.

The generic Crystal Light we drink every day? They've got it, of course--more than a dollar cheaper than anywhere else.

I snagged some tape for under $1, my organic cane sugar for my coffee, and the mini M&Ms that no one else seems to carry (they're a potty training reward). Of course, I got a cart-worth of other stuff, too (including dirt-cheap school supplies for, like 22 cents and 88 cents each), all for $88.

I love you, Wal-Mart!!! You bastards, with your convenient one-stop shopping at unbeatable prices!

So I got home to find that my hubby, who'd worked the early shift, was home in bed so I put our son down for a nap and headed for the library, where I snagged two new books from my favorite authors (pictured above). Woo-hoo!!!
Hope your hump day has been even half as exciting as mine!! :)
I'm off to read one of my new books and enjoy a cold drink!


Katharine said...

Girl, don't even get me started on Walmart, I feel you pain! It is a love/hate relationship. The Sophia Kinsella book is great:)

Sophia (Adventures of Brown) said...

I also have that love / hate relationship with Wal Mart. I think most American moms do, too. We have a Super Target less than 1 mile from our house so my trips to Wal Mart (15 - 20 mins away) have been cut back to almost none. I go there a lot during holidays such as Easter, where I make Easter baskets for all the little ones in our family and Wal Mart has the best selection and the best prices. But otherwise, I avoid it.

Also, Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors and this is one of her best books yet - so much fun!!

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