Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last night I stayed out until 1:30am at a moms' night out with some church friends. We made cards, scrap booked and, as you can see, enjoyed some delicious fruity blended drinks. The coconut syrup made it extra-yummy. Here's me enjoying mine. Mm, mm, mm!!

My dear friend, Karen, came and taught us to emboss. Here's some I made, where we dabbed (or was it daubled?) on ink to create the sort of tie-died effect. You can't tell but I added glitter, of course.

We made these super-cute cards with a flower cut-out, too. AH-dorable!! See the "Roots" one??? I love it!!!

I had to pick something to scrap book so I could have a theme so I chose our son's second birthday, back in November. I got about ten pages done! There's no captions yet, though. I'm so happy to have so much of this done.

It was so nice to hang out with the ladies, sip frozen fruit drinks, gab and CREATE.
Look at what we made!!

We'd like to make this a monthly event. I'd love that!! It's fun to learn from each other and steal ideas. My scrap booking definitely needs some fine-tuning. I get stuck in a rut. Nothing like creative friends to force you out of a rut, though!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, too! I'm off to have another cup of coffee.

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