Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend report

I have a lot to report!!
It's been a busy end-of-the-week! My mom and I "packed it in," as we say, including a major crafting session with my friend who does Stampin' Up! and came to share her goodies. Mom's "thing" is flip flops so she made a pageful to have on hand. Ain't she cute?? :)

We did make it to Hobby Lobby. All their fake food was on sale so I snagged this fake cheese to goon my Goodwill cheese plate. It amuses me. **Proof-reading this, I saw my "goon" that was supposed to be "go on." It made me laugh so I'm leaving it.**

THIS was my big score. Yup, it was less than $12. Marked down from $34.99 to $23.99 to $17.49 to $11.98. The top lifts off so I figure I can fill it with lots of fun stuff seasonally.

It's home for now is in my entryway. My hubby walked in from work and greeted me with, "Hey, I was thinking. You know what we need? A rusty old birdcage. Oh, look, you got one!" Hil-AR-ious, Dear. This is how the entry looks now.

To top off that shopping trip, my Southern Living At HOME liquidation order arrived in just five days from Alabama! I've eyed this painting since is premiered in fall 2006 and was $100. I got it, WITH tax and shipping, for under $20. It's wrapped canvas and has real brushstrokes so it looks pretty darn good and are SO my colors! I'll take more photos when it's hung.

My hubby and I took advantage of my mom being over and had a date night. Since we used gift cards for our dinner and movie, he treated me to this polka dot scrap book album and "Papercrafts & Paper Fun" book. It has a ton of neat ideas on everything from origami to folding napkins.

And, of course, I made some cards. My Stampin' Up! friend offered to put together some stamp sets I've had for years and had never used. I made this set of tea-themed cards with some new paper. It says "You warm my heart." The tea is glittery, of course.

I used her tag punch for these and have borrowed it to make more. These are "Friend" and "Thank You." You'll see some punched out flowers, too. Nice touch.

Then I attended a 13-year-old "coming of age/Titus" party Saturday. Her mom informed me that she likes brown and blue, so I ordered this pouch on Etsy. I was thrilled to find what is practically an exact match in wrapping paper at Target, and matching ribbon on clearance for 99 cents. I think I need more pouches, just so I can wrap them in this paper! The party guests and birthday girl were impressed, too. That, to me, is the ultimate in "fun."

These I made today with my brand new Amy Butler paper. I call them "elegantly funky." The play of colors and patterns please me. Plus, they're double-sided, which is my favorite. I'm kinda in love with these. They'll be hard to give up.

And there ya go! I hope your weekend was fun and productive, too!!


mortgage said...

Ive read this somewhere else.


Just me.....Shelly said...

wow! you gals got busy, huh?? YES, your mama is a cutie, looks like she was having fun...that is so sweet you get to spend all that time together, very nice..
And, I love the rustly birdcage, lol....will be so cute with fun stuff in there, very versatile, eh? and,'ve become the paper crafting queen! I LOVE it!

Lisa said...

So busy! What a lot you achieved. Love the brown and blue gift and wrapping.