Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I see what you're saying!!

This will be SO fun!!

On Sept. 30, instead of a regular post, you will post a pre-recorded video of yourself!!

Wouldn't you love to SEE who is behind your favorite blogs?? I know I would!! When I run across a blog I like, I always scroll around, trying to find a picture of the author! Just to put a face with a blog, y'know??

I am totally on board with this!!!

I found out about it on the

2nd Cup of Coffee blog

She has the code there for this fun lil' owl guy for your sidebar if you're participating!!

I hope you will!! I'll SEE you then!!

Now to figure out what to say...and to find my camera's power cord...


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yes! Thanks for the plug, too! This WILL be fun!

shelly said...

omg, I have no kahunas to do this LOL!