Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend craftiness

***See something you like??? Let me know which ones strike your fancy and I'd be happy to send you a few! Just e-mail me with your name and address to***

My neighbor dropped by while I was making these and said, "You're always makin' somethin'!" Yup!!

This is my new black and white paper. I made these "from scratch" with bright-colored card stock I already had. My neighbor said she liked "the contrast." Yeah! That's workin' for me, too!! Reminds me of the eighties somehow. Must be the neon. **NOTE** The colors in the photographs are much more true-to-life than the scanned images!!

This is my new bird stamp--it's a winner!!

A closer looked at the "Happy Birthday" one.

Similar lay-out, different colors. It's sorta like cheating.

This is my summery paper, which I decided, because of the yellow tones, went nicely with my owls. They make me smile. Excuse me..."They're a HOOOT." Heehee.

I figure, if I'm charmed by them, other people would be, too!!

Here's the quirkier ones. You know I love me some polka dots!!

These bookmarks were just a card gone wrong and chopped in half--but I like them!!! I may whip up a few more to give to people. They're just plain FUN!!

Hope your weekend was a hoot, too!! :)


Just me.....Shelly said...

Oooh yeah, i am lovin the black and white and BRIGHT contrast....very very cute!! you've been a busy gal!

Krissy said...
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Krissy said...

lol .. Sorry about that! LOL I deleted my last one for typos. lol Too bad there's not an edit button! HA! I make cards too! I found your blog from Organizing Junkie... your work is cute!!! :)

Sophia (Adventures Of Brown) said...

I wish I had as much talent in my whole body as you do in your pinky finger. Now that I've re-read that sentence, it seems kind of creepy. I should delete it since we just "met" but I really mean well. lol

I've been doing lots of crafty things, too!! If you go check out my two most recent posts, the details are there.