Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New use for place cards

I saw a pack of place cards a while back but thought, "I don't ever use place cards."

Then I got this cupcake one in the mail, tied to a package from my bud Shelly at Lemon Tree Studio. My mom and I were looking at it and my mom goes, "It looks like layered paper but it isn't." I looked at it closer and said, "Oh, my gosh! That's one of those place cards! She just turned it around, punched a hole, stamped it and used it as a tag!"

So I went back and got ten for 62cents and made the other two! Cool, huh?? :)

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Brown said...

I saw those at the other Target today but didn't pick them up because I couldn't think of a use for them. lol Now I wish I grabbed them. Oh well. If I happen to be there again and they're still there, I'll buy them.

I wasn't able to find as much stuff as you were at my 2nd Target but I got such great deals at the 1st one, I can't complain.

Look for a post tonight or tomorrow on how I'm organizing my stuff!