Monday, December 1, 2008

cupcake cards--VOTE!! (and giveaway)

I am taking part in Shelly's "Cupcake Card Challenge" over at My Lily Eden. I whipped this baby up FAST when I realized it was the deadline!!

This was my entry, letter Y.

Visit her blog to cast your vote!!

My Lily Eden

My card is very unremarkable compared to all the ridiculously creative ones submitted. I am definitely not creative--just a good copier!!

I'd love to win a Target gift card, of course, but feel free to vote for your TRUE favorite! I'll tell ya mine when the voting is over!

GIVEAWAY: Win my card!! Leave a comment telling me you voted and your name will go in the pot to win MY cupcake challenge card!! :) Make sure to leave your blog address or e-mail! Winner will be announced Dec. 7.


Just me.....Shelly said...

GREAT idea, tab! and STOP IT!! You're card is super-cute and you know it!! Thanks for participating, girl!

Avily Jerome said...


I voted! I don't know if I voted for yours- they were all adorable, and I couldn't pick out which one yours was! :)