Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday's Fave Five #2

A day late because our computer is sick! :(

I love this meme cuz time surely does fly by and it's nice to reflect on the week!

1. A lavish Christmas dinner at a local steak house, put on by my hubby's company. Virgin pina colodas, crab cakes, salad, steak, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus, coffee and a chocolate dessert! What a treat!! Baby likes her some steak! :)

2. No-cost baby-sitting during the aforementioned party and Andrew getting time to play with his cousins!

3. Time off from work (which I didn't need or want, but hey, I'm not one to complain) to get out some Christmas decorations to make the house more festive. Andrew immediately said, "Mommy! Christmas trees!" He's getting it. I love the twinkling lights and touches of red all over. In related news, a Bunco friend has offered me a faux Christmas tree she only used once! Score one for us!

4. Beautiful weather where Andrew can strip down and play in the hose during the day and we can snuggle up together under a blanket at night--gotta love Arizona this time of year!!

5. Attending my mom's church Christmas party with her and meeting her friends. Good food and good company! The best part was when a lady walked up and asked my mom, "How is Tabitha?" and Mom stepped aside and motioned to me and said, "She's here, ask her!" It's nice to know people care.

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Susanne said...

Playing in the hose in December just blows my mind. Not in my area that's for sure! LOL.

Yup, I had steak too, with sauteed mushrooms and stuffed potatoes. Our appetizers were coconut shrimp and crab and shrimp stuffed mushrooms. Yummy!

I'm glad you jumped in. It's never too late! :v)

Avily Jerome said...

My kids LOVE playing in the hose- even in December! Only, it's not just the hose, it's the mud that comes with it!

We loved having Andrew over- the kids had such a good time!!! Glad we could do it so you guys could have a night out!