Saturday, January 3, 2009

CWO Cafe chat for Jan. 3

This is a new meme I want to try in 2009. I'll answer a new question each Saturday (OK, I may not answer every Saturday, I mean the question will be from Saturday) and link back to the "Internet Cafe Devotions" on the CWO (Christian Women Online) web site.

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I think I'm doing this right!! :)

Q: "What is the most important truth/lesson you feel God taught you in 2008? How will that truth change your life in 2009?"

A: PHEW! Talk about a loaded question! I'd say that God taught me that while we can't give the enemy too much credit, we do have to be on alert for attacks and be READY to fight back!

I suffered a miscarriage right after Mother's Day and it definitely had a spiritual element to it. I was spiritually weak when it happened and while God used the experience to speak to me and minister to me, I certainly could have handled it better if I'd been stronger in my walk with the Lord and not as susceptible to the enemy's lies.

I am now much more serious about daily time with God and about arming myself for the areas of my life where I know doubt and fear can creep in. In 2009, I am working on accumulating more scripture that is specific to my issues so that I am armed and ready when the enemy comes a'knockin'! I'm also making sure to safeguard my thought life to prevent dark, evil or negative thoughts from coming in. Lastly, I am making myself face some of my fears so that I can truly overcome them, rather than just cope with them. Even after just seven months, I already feel so much stronger and more secure!

The icing on the cake is that I became pregnant again about three months after the miscarriage and my due date is the exact day the miscarriage occurred last time! God is good, all the time!


sailorcross said...

Welcome!! So glad to see you joining in!!

And thank you for the comments on my blog, also.

You are so right--we need to arm ourselves daily with the Word of God, His Words implanted in our hearts and minds. We need to be prepared for the attack of the enemy because it's not a question of whether this will come, but when.

As for Scripture, this is one of my goals this year also. I'm doing a Weekly Memory Verse every Monday on The Power of Your Love. We just started last week--memorize a verse during the week and then on the next Monday leave a comment and blog about how God has spoken to you through that verse. And also a new verse to memorize for the coming week.

I'm also reading the Bible chronologically this year--another goal set. Reading the Bible completely through in the order that events happened.

Want to join in??

The Power of Your Love

Toknowhim said...

Thanks so much for participating this week... I am sorry for your loss, but you seem to have already learned some lessons that have brought you closer to God.

What an awesome blessing of the new baby to come :)

It seems many of the blogs I visit are talking about memorizing scripture...that is my goal this year too.

Blessings and feel free to visit my personal blog as well.


HisFireFly said...

Praise God for your wonderful new expectancy! And praise Him for drawing you ever closer. Remembering His love helps us to not to listen to the enemy when he's whispering his lies of condemnation. "There is, therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" and being "in Him" is what abiding is all about!
So glad you've chosen to join us here.

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