Saturday, January 17, 2009

"unusual" Valentines

I had a custom request in my Etsy shop for two teacher cards and a cat-lover card. This got the wheels in my head turning!

Here's the custom teacher cards I whipped up. WAY better than the ones that come in the box with the kids' Valentines! Don't teachers deserve better??

This one's in the shop.

Here's the custom "cat lover" card I made. I think it's adorable!

Then I got to thinking...back when I worked at a Hallmark store for three years, there was a card for virtually every occasion called "from the cat" or "from the dog." Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day and, of course, Valentine's Day.

Presumably, a person wouldn't buy this card for him or herself, but someone who knew a dog or cat owner would buy it for them and sign it as if it were from the person's pet. Interesting.

So I made a few more and called them "from the cat" and "from the dog." Also appropriate for a dog or cat-lover!

Any other "unusual" categories I need to be aware of???

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