Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #8

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1. A chance to hit a few stores with my mom. Without a car, Andrew and I are home-bound all week, so it is nice to get out! Andrew was a complete angel, which I never take for granted! Target popcorn and a new train we found for 50% off didn't hurt, either! heehee.

I scored this crystal-studded tee for about $8 at Ross! I wore it to Bunco Monday night and won back my $10!! This is me at 29 weeks.

2. More goodies from our shopping adventure. My mom got Andrew the shoes for his back yard adventures, after seeing his "good sneakers" caked with mud!! The sprinkles will be hard to find in another month, so I snapped them up! And I desperately needed measuring cups and I love the color!!

This was the "find of the day!" A pink tea pot, WITH a strainer, for $4!! I'm amassing a good collection and my goal is to have 8 or so for tea parties, so each lady can have her own pot.

3. This delightful surprise from my dear friend, Chrissy. It almost made me cry when I opened it!! It is so sweet, I will always cherish it. It's so fun to see "the brothers" names together!!

4. My mom brought over an origami card-making book so I tried my hand at this big envelope with a toothpick closure (meant to "Wrap" a scarf or tie as a gift)...

...then I got addicted to making these origami note cards! These are made of a traditional origami paper and are such fun to make!

I tried the origami envelope, too, and made one for the note cards to go in as a gift! Delightful!

5. New paper in the mail and a head full of ideas on what to do with them!! The best part is, I paid for the paper from what I've made on my cards! Yeah!

Can't wait to see what you all were up to this week!! Thanks for stopping by!


Katharine said...

Love the necklace, I need one, where did she find them? I have not forgotten about the paper. Life has been crazy with sick kids and parties galore.

Willow said...

What a sweet necklace!
I sounds like you had a great week--love the teapot!

Susanne said...

Gorgeous paper! I love stationary type stuff.

What great finds you got shopping with your mom. I love the color of the measuring cups.

Mojavi said...

you look absolutely amazing!!!! I Love your little teapot. I went to a korean market and they have those little teapots there for cheap, you may look into it! SInce your on your origami kick :) flare up your set with a japanese one or something. Also I got a neclace like your for valentines day from hubby.. i love it.

i will have to look at this nester you mentioned as well....

Brandie said...

I'm not a big jewelry person, but I HAVE to have a necklace like that. I even hinted to Jeff ---he'll be checking your blog :0)

Love ya friend!