Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...or am I origami?...

...fold it up and just pretend...demented as the motives in my head...

Yeah, lyrics to some song from, oh, the 90s?? It's stuck in my head now. And I've probably got them wrong. And, no, I can't remember the rest of the song. Grr. mom got "us" a book on origami cards so I've been trying my hand at it a bit. I had this square paper and it's just right to make a 4" x 3" little note card!! How fun is that?? I made something like twenty of them at the kitchen table last night, it's addicting!

This is from black and white paper. I think it's rather chic. The point tucks into the little square to secure it closed.

They open up to this. Perfect for tucking a note inside or better yet, a gift card!

Cool, huh?? A little more interesting than a typical folded-in-half card!

Then I had to make a set out of Amy Butler paper!!

These are itty-bitty ones from smaller paper. Cuuuute!

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