Monday, April 20, 2009

Guess Ethan's birth day!

Wondering when Ethan will finally make his debut??

To help you decide, I'll tell you that Andrew's due date was November 20 and he was born November 26. Ethan's due date according to my doctor is May 6. The ultrasound tech said she would put it at May 8. My calculation from the date of conception gave me May 13.

If you want to guess the other stats, Andrew was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 20" long and born at 10:27p.m. Ethan is expected to be about the same size. As for a time, all I can tell you is that I went into labor in the wee morning hours and had an 18-hour labor. I'm hoping to start the same, but have Ethan much faster! :)

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Here's what we have so far:

April 30--Drew (Dad)
May 1--Jaime, Julie J., Tiffiny
May 2--the Paradisos
May 3--Aunt Julie, Jennifer P.
May 5--Aunt Jane (aunt)
May 7--Uncle Carver, Uncle Dave, Aunt Sarah
May 8--Great Aunt Donna
May 9--Shelly
May 10--aunt Laura, Judi J.
May 11--Grandma and Nana
May 12--Brooke
May 13--ME
May 15--G.G. Nannie
May 20--Dorothy and G.G. Poppie

Give it your best shot--there will be prizes!! :)


Amy said...

May 12

Amy Sun

Just me.....Shelly said...

oooook now.....its been a while......tick tock....I am thinking that sweet new baby boy must be here! Do tell!