Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm "one of those women" that always wear jewelry that coordinates with her outfit. It's almost a sickness. I feel naked without earrings, and at least one necklace and bracelet. I wear, bear minimum, my watch, wedding rings and earrings every time I walk out the door, even if it's just to run to the grocery store or drop something off at a friend's.

On a really good day, my shoes and bag coordinate, too. I also choose my makeup pallete based on what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing cool colors and silver jewelry, I wear gray eye shadow, pink blush and pink lipstick and gloss...if I'm wearing warm colors and gold jewelry, I wear brown or gold eyeshadow, peachy blush and brownish lipstick. It's how my mother does it and how her mother does it. I think it might actually be genetic.

So. I like things to match. Or at least coordinate. In the South, you say it "goes." As in, it's not a perfect match..."but it goes."

I also like to adhere to the "waste not, want not" philosophy so when I make my decorative file folders, I use the scraps to make other things like bookmarks or gift tags.

Well, now I've really hit on something. Introducing...


I think the set would make a great gift for "one of those women" who likes things to "go." More sets are coming soon!!

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