Monday, November 9, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

Thanks to

Shelly at My Lily Eden

for this post! :)

1. I kissed about 35 guys (only one of which was an actual "boyfriend) before I met my husband. Not only was my hubby my blond-haired, blue/green-eyed first kiss--our first kiss was on our wedding day, AFTER we became husband and wife!!

2. I make this weird noise when my throat itches, to "scratch it." Evidently this is a rare "talent" but my son can do it, too.

3. I have a weakness for sweets. I can easily do without a lot of foods but dessert is very hard for me to pass up. I love all types of candy, too. I'm especially fond of Snickers, Dove dark chocolate and M&Ms.

4. I feel my emotions in my belly. Even a "happy-excited" feeling gives me a tummy ache! I don't, however, get headaches very often.

5. I'm a gum chewer. And I blow bubbles. My son has never tried gum and doesn't really know what it is. When he sees packs of gum in the store, he asks for "bubbles."

6. I have a weakness for office supplies. I love fresh Sharpies, Post-It notes, notecards, pretty envelopes, nice pens...

7. I joke around a lot with people in public. My dad does this, too. Sometimes I'm ignored and sometimes people think I'm being rude but most of the time, it gets a laugh and lightens the situation...which is just enough encouragement for me to keep doing it!

So now you know! :)

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