Friday, May 28, 2010

The joy of laminating

I love it when stuff is laminated. It reminds me of my childhood somehow. We probably used laminated flash cards in fourth grade or had laminated chore charts or something.

When I taught school, I thought up reasons to laminate stuff. It's sort of magical when paper starts out all flimsy and comes out stiff and glossy. Bliss.

So naturally, I gravitated toward my dad's laminating machine.

I kept eyeing it and wondering, "What can I laminate??"

Then I got to looking at all my paper scraps from making my decorative file folders. I have amassed a huge pile of scraps, all beautiful, just waiting to be used.


Laminated bookmarks.

They're my newest addition to my Etsy shop.

I like holding them and looking at them. I wish I was reading more books at the moment. Maybe I'll just tuck them into the books I'm hoping to read, as inspiration.

Who wouldn't love getting one of these???

These are the first of many. I just laminated a dozen more and I'm itching to cut them out. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.

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Rebecca said...

I got some of those self laminating pouches to make custom bag tags for my kids bags. It was fun! You should make those, custom order ;)