Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where the magic happens

I looooove to see other ladies' craft spaces, whether it's the kitchen table, the corner of a room or an entire basement! It's fun to see how people organize their STUFF and where they work. It's always so inspirational!

So! For anyone who is curious....here's a tour of MINE!

{P.S. For anyone who loves to know paint colors, the turquoise is Glidden's "True Turquoise." I think it's perfect for a creative space! The orange is Glidden's "Orange Slice" and the green table was spray painted "Apple Green."}

I occupy a bedroom at the end of our hall that previously belonged to my sister-in-law, who lived with us for over six years (almost my whole married life). When she moved out, I was eager to transform this room into MY creative space. Granted, I often end up working at the kitchen table, BUT...I do love to go in here, close the door, crank up some tunes and "get my craft on."

My dad painted it for me and my husband moved in the furniture, put up the shelves and built shelves in the closet. Now it's soooo organized and a pleasure to work in. My family all gravitate toward this room, too....I think it's just a FUN place to be!

OK. Here's the view from the door. It also serves as a guest room when my mom spends the night. The futon is nice for a friend to nurse her baby, for someone to sit and flip through one of my idea books or just a nice place to relax.

My boys usually join me when I'm working, so I added an easel for them. Plus I always have paper, crayons and kid stamps at the ready.

Here's looking back at the door. I love having a bulletin board to post my calendar, inspirational tidbits or reminders.

Here's my work space. The table was given to me by a friend (when I just came right out and asked her for it!) but was a shabby chic white. I thought I should jazz it up a little! I love it!

Items of note: the IKEA jewelry tree I use for ribbon...the IKEA tray I use for an even stamping surface...

...my decorative file folders (in "Cosmo")...the mail sorter I use for my pretty papers...and my Ott-Lite lamp.

My friend Jen gave me the fabric owl bin.

I ended up corralling my stuff in this cute Southern Living At HOME basket. It limits me as to what I can keep out on my table!!

And here's my best stamps organizing secret: school supply boxes. Most of these were less than $1 and stack nicely. I label them with a paint pen. I also can't get enough of the stacking drawers for ribbon scraps, glitter and a million other things.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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hope said...

looks like a fun room to do some crafting in!! i love to see where people get to create. thanks for sharing yours!