Monday, September 27, 2010

1,000 Gifts: #61-100

First I saw that Angie from Bring the Rain was doing this book with the Bloom Book Club and THEN I saw that Ann from Holy Experience was doing it, too, so I decided to jump in.

The book is called "Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives" and you can get it on

This is exactly the book I need for this new slower, more restful phase of life we're starting. This was our first "real weekend" at our new house and boy, did we enjoy it!

61:: an iced caramel coffee drink on a Saturday morning

62:: getting a pedicure with my mom

63:: the perfect shade of burgundy-red nail polish

64:: a baby shower with pink, ruffles, cupcakes, Winnie the Pooh and great good food

65:: not being pregnant

66:: a big-bellied mama, all smiles and glow

67:: giving the perfect gift

68:: buying that purple sheath dress at Drew's insistence

69:: size 8

70:: getting my hair to (almost) look like it did when I left the hair dresser

71:: Drew and Andrew going to get pancakes together

72:: the boys' outing being ruined by a poop incident--and no one really minding

73:: laughing about my grandmother, age 84, who has to put her lipstick on before she can go to Walgreens to pick up pictures

74:: a chubby 16-month-old sitting on the munchkin potty, proud as punch

75:: trying to type quietly

76:: inspiration from my dad

77: cracking up over chapter titles for my future book

78:: Angus burgers & tater tots

79:: an uninterrupted evening with my parents

80:: Sunday football

81:: a leisurely trip to the store

82:: a happy husband

83:: leg scratches

84:: the boys playing chase

85:: the actual pitter patter of little feet you hear in a two-story house

86:: figuring out why there was a screw in my cookie batter

87:: enjoying a new phase of life

88:: knowing I'm fertile

89:: being happy to gain 5lbs.

90:: posters and maps for the boys

91:: more sex

92:: being happy with doing less

93:: seeing both sides of the coin

94:: knowing that sometimes you do have to look back, to see how far you've come

95:: appreciating how very far I have come

96:: choosing to think positively about the future

97:: deciding what not to use in this house

98:: a new appreciation for "normal" days

99:: the occasional extraordinary day

100:: knowing tomorrow will be another amazing day

For more entries, visit Holy Experience

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Em and Lib said...

Love your LONG list - it's great when one weekend can be fodder for so much grace. Thankful for your open heart!
LIB said...

I like #97. :)