Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We who are loved much

At 11:11, I was face down on the floor in this room, the Tree House Room, the office/craft room in the new house. The room where I will read, craft, pray.

I was listening to this song...

...after reading

this post at Holy Experience.

I was praying for these people...

...and all the people in our new community. The people we will be serving in this new season.

"We who are loved much, serve much."

My Tree House Room has been christened in tears of gratitude. I have never felt more loved.

So I have a lot of serving to do in this new place.

holy experience


Lisa notes... said...

That song always moves me. What a blessing that you have christened your room in tears of gratitude. May your serving be a great blessing to others there and a great honor to the Father.

elizabeth said...

So glad to have you part of the group that meets often over at Ann's blog, and so glad you stopped by my blog too! Thanks for the kind comment!