Monday, October 11, 2010

1,000 Gifts: #101-112 Birthdays

101:: birthday parties

102:: using two containers of icing on his cake

103:: 33 candles

104:: The favorite Aunty and The Cousins

105:: The Siblings {who'd hardly ever see each other if I didn't get them together!!}

106:: Kids crowding around for present-opening {even when the present is bullets and a gun cleaning thingy}

107:: Getting a present on your dad's birthday

108:: Throwing him a party....more for me than him

109:: Enjoying his baby

110:: Never taking another year for granted

111:: Opening presents of my own on his birthday. My "Blessings Unlimited" consultant kit arrived!! Everything was BIGGER than I expected--a pleasant surprise!

112: Ethan thought the blocks were toys.

For more, visit Holy Experience

When you go....TAKE NOTE OF THE LOVELY ITEMS IN HER PICTURES....THEY'RE FROM BLESSINGS UNLIMITED (mentioned in #111 and #112, above)!! How cool is that!?! Ann is a BU fan, too! :)

holy experience

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Graceful said...

What a great day...and I have to say, I scrolled down a read a few other posts...and your hair looks fantastic! Love the new do!