Monday, June 20, 2011

1,000 Gifts: #587-638

I visited the Pacific Ocean for the first time this past weekendin the San Diego/La Jolla areas!! Our family went with my mom and two of my sisters-in-law. We had a perfectly wonderful time! It was such a blessing to "get away from it all" and make new memories.

587:: Andrew's first time in the ocean at 11 o' clock at night right after we pulled into town.

590:: Ethan is his giant sandbox

593:: Dad helping Andrew be brave

599:: The whole family building a sand castle

604:: My mom coming along, foot loose and fancy free!

610:: Sisters-in-law

615:: amazing views

616:: Making a homeless man's day when we asked him to take this picture.

617:: toes in the sand = bliss

620:: time for Thomas Uno

623:: Drew with his boys on Father's Day

625:: my handsome beach bum in his hat

626:: Ladies' lunch at a charming beach cafe

630:: Making memories with my son

632: Andrew's appreciation of the small things. He wanted to find a feather for the tower on the sand castle like he'd seen on Max & Ruby.

633:: Ethan's appreciation of the small things. It was seaweed but he thought it looked like a lobster claw and was chomping us with it!

634:: Thinking maybe I helped teach my boys to see and appreciate the small things, like feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

635:: The van making it there and back perfectly. That was after a driver's side window problem the night before that Drew banged with his fist to fix it.

638:: Having a mom who is also my best friend and a wonderful travel companion.

The best part is, everyone was healthy and well and everything went smoothly. It's a miracle and I will appreciate it as such. AND, my writing job made it all possible. Thanks, Boss!

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