Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pampering Playdates

I love pampering. This was the pampering foot soak I received at my Blessingway in 2009.

Isn't that delightful??

I believe every woman deserves to be pampered. One category of women in particular deserves pampering: moms of young children. Yet they have an especially hard time finding time to take care of themselves, even (or especially) when it comes to their daily skin care and makeup routine. Who can navigate the gazillion choices at the local drug store or big box retailer, or take the time to navigate the makeup counters at the mall, especially with kids in tow??

Yet most moms want to look their best and take care of their skin, whatever age they are. Many moms are also looking for anti-aging treatments and sun protection, too, which only complicates their choices all the more.

My solution for this mom dilemma is a....Pampering Playdate!

{I am officially coining the name "Pampering Playdate." Aren't you glad you were here to read it?? I want to be included in the Wikipedia entry for it someday!}

A definition of a Pampering Playdate: "A time for a deserving mommy to be pampered while her kids play."

A deserving mommy comes to my home studio and is treated to coffee or tea and refreshments and receives a personalized Mary Kay skin care assessment, hand treatment and microdermabrasion treatment in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere...all while her child or children play happily in my playroom. Her skin will feel AMAZING! My most popular comment following a treatment: "My skin has never felt like this before!" That's awesome!

I can also do a foundation match and even a glamour makeover if she wishes.

The mom doesn't have to infringe on their evening family time, hire a sitter or ask her husband to watch the kids for her, plus her child or children will have a blast playing with new toys in a new environment, mere steps away from their mommy. It's a win-win-WIN! Plus I will provide her with the products she needs on the day of her playdate and make sure she knows how to use them at home for maximum benefit.

After the Pampering Playdate, I'll be her personal Mary Kay beauty consultant for LIFE, answering her questions and addressing her concerns while helping her stay current on skin care and makeup advances and trends.

How cool is that for a busy mom??

I know when I was looking for personalized skin care and makeup recommendations since becoming a mom over six years ago, I would have loved to be invited to a Pampering Playdate! I love kids and I love moms so I hope this will prove to be an effective and enjoyable solution to at least this one challenge of motherhood.

{Live in the Phoenix metro area? Visit my Mary Kay personal web site and use the "contact me" form to schedule your Pampering Playdate!}

Now. How do we solve the "removing the stuck-on Cheerios from the dining room table" dilemma...??

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