Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring where I am

How does Spring spring in the valley of the sun, you ask?

Well, we have peaches growing on our peach tree in the back yard.

Aren't they cute??

Today my mom and I took our time at Home Depot. I got new succulents for my polka dot pots for the back patio. Low maintenance, baby!

And an itty-bitty succulent for my Goodwill teacup.

The only flowers I buy are geraniums because I can actually keep them alive. This one is out back so I can enjoy it from the porch or swing.

I added a pink geranium to my bird cage by the front door.

I decided that I needed to add a little life to the inside of our house, too, so I got a new houseplant. It's called a Dragon. I'm still looking for the perfect pot. Probably turquoise.

I think I like this spot, though.

Just a few little touches of nature and color but I like it!

Spring has definitely sprung here. What are YOU doing to invite Spring into your home?

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