Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brought to you by the letter "C"

My Monkey son and I hit the store for a few essential items today (aloe, chicken, coffee creamer, M&M cookies...necessities!!) and spent a while at the park before I drug him home, literally kicking and screaming!! We had to get ready for the carpet cleaning guy (his name is Al) and I was suffering low blood sugar because I was too cheap to spend my precious cash on McD's and wanted to eat a turkey sandwich at home instead. He wasn't thrilled (my son, not Al) and didn't seem to get the idea of "Mommy's got the shakes and we've got vacuuming to do." Hmm.
So the carpet look A-mazing!! Like new. I spruced up the house a bit, too, so it would all look good when my hubby got home. I even made dinner--and a cake!! Dinner was my famous chicken/mushroom/tomato concoction in the crock-pot. We ate it over whole wheat pasta. The tomatoes had green chilies so it had a little ZING. The cake was just a mix but since my hubby is watching what he eats, I made it with applesauce instead of oil. Cut the fat in half! And it was sooooo moist and delicious!! I enjoyed mine with a glass of milk. Mmmmmmmm.
So a fairly productive day. I feel better about tomorrow since we're going to the zoo first thing, then going to a friend's for dinner. At least the house is in order for the weekend, so the rest of the fam can destroy it properly. It'll keep me busy next week! It never ends.
Here's a random shot from today of us holding hands in the park. I'm trying to be more artistic with my photography. I like this one!

P.S. For the chicken recipe, see comments.


Katharine said...

Doesn't it always feel good to have your nasty carpets cleaned? Send the recipe on to me, I love crockpot meals and chicken is a favorite at our house

proudgrits11 said...

It's the one my mom always made. Here's what I do:
Cut up an onion and toss it in the bottom, plus a few cloves of garlic (I press mine). Add about a 1/2 cup water. Then throw in about two cans of diced tomatoes with juices. We like tomatoes! Add as many fresh mushrooms as ya like...then put the chicken on top. Boneless, skinless--cutlets or breats, whatever. The smaller the meat, the faster it cooks. Then pour spaghetti sauce over the top and viola--you're done! I did about 6 small cutlets and it only took about two hours on high. Big breasts (hee) would take maybe four hours. I put it over pasta or rice. I always get lots of compliments--and it's easy.

Rosanne said...

Love the letter C!!

You in my PIF, please send your mailing address to me at


Brandie said...

I think we may have the same carpet guy - mine's name is Al too and he does a super great job!

I ate something very similar to your Crockpot Chicken Concoction the other night, served mine over could have used something else - not sure what was missing...

I'm jealous about you having milk with your cake - I decided this morning to make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just for me - since I can't have the chocolate, peanut butter oatmeal ones that someone brought over yesterday. Oh, they would have been so good with a glass of milk.

Gotta go grab a shower while the girls are sleeping. :0D
Miss ya friend,