Monday, April 7, 2008

Mother's Day just over a month away!! What are YOU getting your mom??
When it comes to birthdays and Mother's Day, I like buying things that the recipient wouldn't buy for herself. Something frivolous, pretty and maybe a little impractical!
I love what "headtotoe2007" has on Etsy. Gift baskets!! The contents are handmade and the basket is reusable.
Here's her site:
Here's what my grandmother in Florida is getting from my Mom and me. "Headtotoe" is shipping it to her directly--how easy is that??? Besides the beautiful basket and liner, it includes a pillow case for the travel pillow she uses with her favorite chair (the larger one is pictured, but I wanted you to see the print called "peony"), hand soap and a reversible tissue box cover WITH tissues.

In a word? Delightful. No, she doesn't NEED a pink tissue box cover or a fancy pillow case for her pillow--but won't she LOVE it?? What a treat, right?? I think she'll adore it.
There's also THIS basket available with kitchen items. How cute is this stuff??? It includes the basket the liner, the reversible tissue box cover, a kitchen towel and a pot holder. I love the polka dots!!

The BEST part?? You can purchase it and have it shipped--all for under $40. Go in on it with a family member!!
This one's for my mom. She had to OK it because I had such a hard time choosing between all the gorgeous totes from "baffinbags" on Etsy.
She's at
It's flip flops--perfect for my mom--with the matching mini-wallet. Her bags are amazing, with all these pockets on the inside. The quality is fantastic.

As for my mother-in-law in another state, she's getting this mini-wallet and tissue cover in the "pink acanthus floral" fabric. Depending on my budget, I'd like to slip a gift card into the wallet as an extra treat. Somewhere she CAN'T buy something for her kids!! These are from "Sew Gracious" on Etsy and she has a lovely assortment of affordable items, many with free shipping!! She's at

For fabulous, CUSTOM cards--check out "Lemon Tree Studio" at
I ordered ALL my Mother's Day cards from her--and she can make them say anything you want!! Here's two examples:

I've purchased multiple times from all these ladies and they are wonderful. Hop on over and check them out!! Just tell them "Proudgrits11" sent ya! :)


lily eden said...

What are you doing up so late?? Hee hee! I just have to say how much i have enjoyed having you as a customer! You are by far the sweetest, most etsy supportive, wonderful gal I have ever worked with. YOU are the reason why etsy is so fun and worthwhile. Just knowing that my cards are going to women you know and love makes my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and THANK YOU for featuring my work on your blog, it is an honor. -----------Shelly

Sew Gracious said...

Thanks so much for shopping with me! I hope your MIL loves her accessories. I'll have more accessories and more bags coming soon! :-)

btw . . . I bought a tissue box cover from HeadToToe. I LOVE it! :-)