Sunday, April 6, 2008

This jewelry box

This "This is..." orginated as best I can tell with
Check out lots more there.
On to mine...
HA!! One box???? Puh-leez!!! I am a very well-accessorized woman (thanks to my mom, grandmother and husband, plus my home-based jewelry business!) so my jewelry chest contains mainly my "fine jewelry." This is the earrings, bracelets and pins. Fifteen years worth. My birthing bracelet is in there along with pins from my great-grandmother, an ivory bangle my dad brought back from Africa, Native American pieces, stuff I made, a dragonfly pin from my mother-in-law...lots of goodies.

Here's just a small fraction of rings in a jewelry box my friend from fifth grade gave me several years back. Yes, K, I still have it! :)

I also have this wacky hand that holds my pearl pieces. They're pretty to look at, so why not??

The stuff I wear daily is kept accessible on this tray, where I can grab-and-go. It's all stuff I sell, so I'm advertising when I wear it. I sold a necklace off my neck just today!!

This drawer holds some of my very, very favorites--stuff I would never sell.

And this is the dish from France that belonged to a dear family friend who recently passed away--it stays by the kitchen sink for my rings and such when I'm working in the kitchen. I took my jewels out so you could see the dish.


Katharine said...

Can you some over and accessorize my wardrobe. I am the worst at doing that and I am jealous of people like you who do it so well. You have always been good at it. I should just send you a check and tell you my colors and have you order me stuff from Cookie Lee. What do you think? Cute outfit:)

Cooking My Life said...

You sure have it all! But then most grits are pros at this. ;-)

Fun collection and I wish I still had my mother's milkglass hand. sigh.