Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday: Brought to you by the letter "T"

Today was my big chance to roll out of bed and head across town to my folks' house for a lovely breakfast by their pool. I left the boys snoozing in bed! The three of us had several cups of coffee, chatted and watched the birds. See the hummingbird?? Look right of the red flowers.

It was a lovely morning! First I was served coffee and a nice fruit cup, even with a little umbrella!!

The we had Mom's famous eggs with basil from her garden, cinnamon toast and bacon. I could smell the bacon cooking as I walked up. Yuuuummmmyyyy. I love the yellow against the turquoise plate! It pleases the eye and the belly.

Then my mom and I set off. I zipped into one store to make a return and bought a new pair of sunglasses and a super-cute hat. I'm wearing contacts now so I can finally wear cute sunglasses again!!
Then we spent about two HOURS at the half-price sale at Goodwill. Next time, we'll set aside the entire afternoon--holy mazoli!! I haven't "thrifted" in quite some time. I only went in for crafty items, kids books and skirts. And that's what I got. Well, plus a few extra goodies.
After that, I zoomed waaaay across town to a friend's baby shower. She's having a boy so it brought back a lot of memories. It was such a nice, relaxing shower--no games, just good food and nice music and a really fabulous breeze. I even won a mini rose bush for guessing her favorite lullaby correctly!! I love prizes!!

So for my son, I scored him these red pegs, plus a couple new coloring books. His room is blue, red and white and, though it would be cheap and easy to make my own, I never would so I'd much prefer to just buy it. It was like $2. I may distress it a little or even add some embellishments but for now, it'll do.

I also made out with some super-fun books!! I got one for myself about the royal family (it's a little fascination of mine), plus a neat one with reading games and activities. The rest were just pretty and/or cute--some for my son's room, some to possibly frame and display.

I love this illustration where the hip mom is working on her sewing! :)

As for skirts, I did well. These two were $3 or so bucks each. LOVE them!! The one has some beads and embroidery and the other is very fun to twirl in! I'm wearing it to church tomorrow.

And these three were $2.50 each. Comfy, cute, EASY. Throw it on with a tee and flip-flops and I'm good to go.

I also got some odds and ends...a wooden soap dish, some sewing hoops, thread, an album, envelopes and a "fun fur" scarf. All dirt cheap, of course.

Then I got some linen napkins (hopefully to practice embroidery on!!) and another embroidered piece I may cut up and frame parts of... a fun little dish towel that I added to my tea shelf in the kitchen.

I was thrilled with my finds. Mom and I are going back at least once/month, especially when I get a few projects going and know what I need. It's a treasure trove!!
So! That was my Saturday--how'd you spend yours???

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Lisa said...

I spent my Saturday doing taxes - boo, hiss. You have a cute blog - love all the pictures!